Dyeing Eggs with Raileigh

Dyeing– no matter how many times I write or type that word, it still looks like it’s spelled wrong…

Anyhow, the week before Easter, Raileigh and I had a very wonderful time dyeing eggs together. For the first go-round, we decided to use food coloring. I had one box of a name brand neon color food coloring, and one box of store brand basic color food coloring. Let me just say that I will not buy store brand food coloring again. It took forever to get the eggs anything darker than a pastel.

Of course, Raileigh had a great time. I mixed up the colors based on what she chose. Then, she dropped the eggs into the food coloring/ water/ vinegar mixture. She was actually pretty good about being gentle and not splashing the liquid everywhere.

Then… we waited. Of course, Raileigh wanted to check all the eggs frequently to see how they were doing.

We did a few batches and the colors looked a little different every time. It was fun to see how each egg turned out. Overall, I think they look quite beautiful!

Now- a question for those of you experienced egg dyers. How do you get the eggs to DRY? No matter what we did our eggs were always a little wet, which meant colorful fingers when you touched them. I’m sure there’s a simple trick to getting them dry, I just don’t know it!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t know of any way to make them dry faster, every year I have colored fingers for a week 😉

    They turned out nice though!

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