B Kind 2 Earth Day- Create A Recycled Bird Feeder For Your Yard

Right now, I have ZERO bird feeders up in my yard. That’s right- ZERO. The funny thing is that I absolutely love having birds in my yard. They are truly amazing creatures. Not long after Darren and I were married, I stocked up on bird feeders of all kinds. The birds flocked to my house… as did the squirrels. My bird feeders did not last long at all. I replaced the bird feeders, but the cycle continued. It just became too expensive to buy bird feeder after bird feeder. So, I stopped putting them up in my yard.

I miss the birds that visited my feeders. More importantly, they miss me, too. Wild birds need people like you and me to provide food for them all year round. There are benefits in this for both parties. The birds know where they can come fr a good meal, and I get to enjoy their beauty.

This Earth Day, I am committing to returning bird feeders to my yard. To do this, I won’t be spending the big bucks. I am going to use materials that I already have. You see, I am going to recycle old products into bird feeders to use in my yard.

I have discovered some great tutorials that will help make this happen.

Recycled Bird Feeder by No Time For Flash Cards

Recycled Backyard Bird Feeder by Beach Petals

Bird Feeder from Recycled by craft-project.com

Toilet Paper Tube Bird Feeders by Creative Jewish Mom

Starbucks Bird Feeder by Mary Janes & Galoshes

Tea Cup Bird Feeder by Sincerely Yours, Dena

Turn Frisbees Into a Bird Feeder by curbly

Ceramic Plate Bird Feeder by homework

Recycled Bottle Hummingbird Feeder by Roots & Wings Co.

Method Bird Feeder by A Merry Mishap

To find more great ways to help our planet, please visit B Kind 2 Earth Day.

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