African Cats– The NEW Film from Disneynature– Opens Today!

Happy Earth Day! Why not celebrate by going to see the newest Disneynature Film? African Cats has arrived and opens in theaters everywhere today.

African Cats is a true story, set in one of the wildest places on Earth- the savanna of Kenya. The story focuses on three main characters–

  • MARA– a lion cub
  • FANG– leader of the River Pride
  • SITA– adult female cheetah

The stories documented within this film were recorded from August 2008 through October 2010. Everything you see within the movie was completely as it appeared in the wild. African Cats is simply a condensed retelling of the events that occurred during this time.

Disneynature is not only sharing the story of this beautiful cats with us. They are also leading an initiative to save the savanna that the animals call home. For every ticket that is sold to African Cats opening week (April 22- April 28), Disneynature will donate $.20 to the Amboseli Corridor Project (with a minimum $100,000 donation pledged).

I have a few clips from African Cats to share with you. Be warned– watching them will definitely make you want to see the movie even more!

African Cats– Fiercest Hunters in the Land

African Cats– Hunters Being Hunted

African Cats– Chasing a Dog

Do you have plans to see this exciting new movie this weekend? I would love to hear your thoughts on the movie clips!