A Day at Zoo Atlanta

This past Christmas, we asked for a membership to Zoo Atlanta. I love gifts such as this that keep giving long after it has been unwrapped.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our membership so far, and have made several trips to the zoo. Our membership is good for me, one adult guest, and up to 4 children. This means that Raileigh and I can go to Zoo Atlanta with a variety of people!

Last Friday, we invited my mom to go with us. She works at a church and was off for Good Friday. I didn’t think about all of the other people that would be off from work as well… or all of the children that would be on field trips that day. I started counting school buses and stopped around 25. It was just too disappointing! The zoo literally was a ZOO that day!

We had a great time, though. We arrived just as Zoo Atlanta opened for the day. I learned at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that animals are most active in the morning. This definitely proved true on our visit to the zoo.

Every last one of the animals were up and active. The kangaroos were hopping around, the orangutans were swinging from the ropes, and the pandas were enjoying a morning snack of bamboo.

There were also several baby animals out this day. We got to see the new baby panda for the first time! She was reclining in a special hammock, munching on bamboo. The baby orangutan was also out, and we had not seen her before, either. As usual, the baby gorilla was close by her mother. The baby giraffe was feeling wonderful. He was racing from one end of the habitat to the other, getting cheered on by the crowd. Every time we have seen this little guy, he is full of energy and personality.

I didn’t want to create a post 18,000 pages long with all of the photos I captured this day. Trust me… it really would have been that long. So– I picked out my most favorite pictures and put them in a slideshow for you to watch.

We ended out day at Zoo Atlanta with Raileigh’s favorite animal- the flamingo. They stink and aren’t very exciting (to me), but Raileigh loves them more than any other animal. She would stand and watch them all day if I would let her!

Despite the crowds, the day was perfect. Good weather, great company, and some amazing animals!


  1. Kathleen says:

    What a fun day! And your photos are wonderful. We haven’t yet made it to the Philly Zoo with Soren, but hope to do so soon. Probably a weekday, if my husband can get the day off.

    Raleigh is so funny, liking those flamingos. I’d imagine she’d like the more dramatic animals like giraffes and lions!

  2. Sandy Grogan says:

    Great pictures Desi! It was a fun day despite the crowds. Thanks for inviting me along!

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