Meet the Disney Character: Pascal from Tangled

I am SO excited that Tangled is going to be released this week on Disney DVD and Blu-Ray! To celebrate the release of this fantastic movie, we’re going to spend the week getting to know some of the characters from Tangled a bit better. So– welcome to Meet the Disney CharacterTangled Edition!

Though Raileigh loves every little thing about the tale of Rapunzel, her most favorite thing is the little lizard, Pascal (which I learned this past week I have been pronouncing wrong). Raileigh actually got to meet Pascal after meeting Rapunzel, and I am pretty sure it made her day!

Featured in: Tangled, 2010

Voiced by: n/a (Pascal does not speak)

Also Known As: n/a

Appearance: Green Skin (can change color), large eyes

Personality: Sweet, Protective, Suspicious

Home: Rapunzel’s Tower; Castle in the Kingdom of Corona

Occupation: Rapunzel’s Friend

Weapons: Long Tongue

Pascal is Rapunzel’s one true friend. He’s silent, color-changing, and one truly wonderful sidekick. Yes, he is just one small chameleon. However, he plays a big part in the story of Rapunzel. Pascal is her biggest cheerleader, her coach, and her confidante. He constantly pushes her forward, and refuses to let her take steps backwards. He is the one that encourages her to leave the tower, and helps her to make it through the adversities they face.

Pascal is first introduced playing hide and seek with Rapunzel. Throughout Tangled, we see Pascal many times, often accompanying Rapunzel as she paints, does chores, or plays. When Mother Gothel enters the room, Pascal always blends into the background. At first, Pascal is leery of Rapunzel’s new friend, Flynn Rider. However, as time progresses, Pascal learns to trust him.

It turns out that this entertaining little guy wasn’t always as we have seen him on the big screen. According to Supervising Animator Lino DiSalvo, Pascal underwent some changes from his original conception:

We weren’t getting enough entertainment out of Pascal. Animation-wise, originally, he was very realistic. He moved like a real chameleon, his eyes would move independently. He came off as very cold, and there was no fun in it. He is almost Rapunzel’s older brother. He would die for Rapunzel. We kind of amped it up. He’s very expressive; we pushed his shape and his face. Once we found the character, we were off and running.

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