Meet the Disney Character: Mother Gothel from Tangled

Welcome to another edition of Meet the Disney Character! In keeping with our celebration of the release of Tangled this week, we are going to take a look at another character from this film- Mother Gothel.

Featured in: Tangled, 2010

Voiced by: Donna Murphy

Also Known As: Madame Gothel

Appearance: Slender, Blue Eyes, Curly Black Hair, Pale Skin

Personality: Manipulative, Deceiving, Overprotective, Jealous, Evil, Greedy, Selfish

Home: Rapunzel’s Tower

Occupation: Rapunzel’s “Mother”

Weapons: dagger

Mother Gothel serves as the main antagonist in Tangled. She is voiced by Donna Murphy, who is primarily known for her guest appearances on some well-known television shows. Mother Gothel had a magical plant, which she used as a personal fountain of youth, keeping her young and vibrant for centuries. When the Queen of a nearby kingdom is on her deathbed, her guards go out in search of this magical plant to heal her. The plant does indeed heal the Queen, and she goes on to give birth to Rapunzel.

The magical powers of the plant are transferred into the baby’s hair. Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel from her royal nursery so that she can continue to replenish herself and stay young. She locks the girl in a tall, inaccessible tower deep int forest. Mother Gothel feeds Rapunzel lies about the world beyond her tower in hopes of ensuring Rapunzel will never try and leave her care. Mother Gothel means “godmother” in German (the language of the original Rapunzel tale), and in a sense, that it was she is to Rapunzel.

Throughout the first 18 years of Rapunzel’s life, Mother Gothel remains manipulative towards Rapunzel. However, Rapunzel begins to desire to know about life outside her tower. Finally, the two reach an agreement- Mother Gothel will make a 3 day journey to acquire a special white paint for Rapunzel’s room made of white seashells, and Rapunzel will never seek to leave the tower again.

However, in Mother Gothel’s absence, Rapunzel leaves with Flynn Rider to see the elusive floating lantern lights she has watched from her tower window. Mother Gothel discovers the missing girl and tracks her to the lantern viewing. Eventually, Rapunzel leaves with Mother Gothel, when she thinks that Flynn Rider has betrayed her.

Upon returning home, Rapunzel realizes that she is the lost princess for whom the lanterns are released for and confronts Mother Gothel about it. Rapunzel vows to never let Mother Gothel use her hair again. Flynn Rider returns to find Rapunzel bound and gagged as Mother Gothel prepares to take her to a new hideout. She stabs Flynn Rider in the back. Rapunzel agrees to go with Mother Gothel if she allows Rapunzel to use her hair to heal Flynn. Flynn Rider, who does not want Rapunzel to be trapped forever, cuts her hair off with a shard of glass.

The healing power is gone forever, and Mother Gothel’s true age begins to show. Pascal trips her, sending her flying out the window. By the time Mother Gothel reaches the ground, only dust remains.

Within the movie, Mother Gothel sings a song- Mother Knows Best.

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