Meet the Disney Character: Maximus from Tangled

I am so thrilled that Tangled has finally made it to Disney Blu-Ray and DVD. We picked up the copy that we pre-ordered yesterday, and had a family movie night enjoying Disney’s 50th Animated feature.

Though I enjoy pretty much every element of Tangled, I especially enjoy the role that Maximus plays in the outcome of the story. So, today’s Meet the Disney Character is going to focus on the beloved horse, Maximus.

Featured in: Tangled, 2010

Voiced by: n/a (Maximus does not speak)

Also Known As: Max; Sir Maximus Barnum

Appearance: White Skin, Brown Eyes, Golden Mane & Tail

Personality: Determined, Agile, Humerous

Home: Castle in the Kingdom of Corona

Occupation: Horse of the Captain of the Castle Guard; Later becomes Captain of the Castle Guard

Weapons: Sword; Hooves

Maximus, who is also known as Sir Maximus Barnum, or Max for short, is the noble steed in Tangled. Many Disney films have horses in them, but Maximus is like none I have seen before. He is first seen in the film as one of the royal horses, on a search to track down thief of the royal jewels, Flynn Rider. Maximus is dedicated and ambitious. He will stop at nothing to fight crime and take down the criminal he is after.

After Flynn alludes all of the guards and other horses, Maximus stays on his track. Eventually, the horse leads the guards to the tunnel where he tracked Flynn and Rapunzel to. After several mishaps, Maximus again catches up with Flynn and Rapunzel. Rapunzel, however, befriends Maximus, and convinces him to call a truce with Flynn until he can get her to the palace to see the lanterns.

As Flynn and Rapunzel set out in a boat to watch the lantern festival, Maximus stays on the dock eating the apples Flynn gave to him. Maximus watches as Flynn is arrested, calling out Rapunzel’s name. He realizes that Rapunzel is in trouble, and that Flynn is probably the only one that can save her. So, Maximus sets off for the pub to gather a group of thugs that Rapunzel had befriended earlier. Together, the motley crew breaks Flynn out of jail.

Maximus then takes Flynn to Rapunzel’s tower, where he rescues the lost princess and reunites her with her mother and father, the queen and king. Maximus is made head of the royal guard. Crime is almost completely obliterated, and Maximus enjoys as many apples as he cares to eat.

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