Meet the Disney Character: Marie from The Aristocats

After spending a week at one of my most favorite places on earth- Walt Disney World- I decided on a new feature for Wee Share- Meet the Disney Character. This feature grew out of my desire to learn more about the wonderful characters created by Disney. I decided that if I was researching and learning, then I might as well share my findings with all of you!

Raileigh met Marie this past week at Epcot. She was positioned in a little nook near the front of France. Though I knew Marie was from the movie The Aristocats, that is about all I could tell you about her. So, I decided that she would be a fitting character to feature in our first installment of Meet the Disney Character. I have to admit that I had a VERY difficult time finding out anything about Marie, but I will share with you what I do know.

Featured in: The Aristocats, 1970 (re-released in theaters 1981 and 1987)

Voiced by: Liz English

Also Known As: n/a

Appearance: Small, White Fur, Large Pink Bow Around Neck, Blue Eyes

Personality: Prissy, Ladylike, Kind, Curious

Home: Madame Bonfamille’s Mansion

Occupation: Cat

Marie made her big screen debut on December 11, 1970 when The Aristocats was originally released in theaters. The basic idea behind The Aristocats is a romantic animated musical comedy about talking cats in France. The name is a spoof on “aristocrats”.

In the movie, Marie is voiced by Liz English. She is one of three kittens born to her mother, Duchess. Marie is the middle kitten. Her brothers are Berlioz and Toulouse. She lives with her family in the mansion of a retired opera singer, Madame Adelaide Bonfamille. Within the movie, Marie falls into a river and is rescued by alley cat Thomas O’Malley. Marie tends to be a bossy little kitten. Because she is female, she thinks she is better than her brothers, and the most superior of all three kittens.

Since Marie’s original big screen debut, she has been in theaters two other times, when the film was re-released on December 19, 1981 and April 10, 1987. The Aristocats was also released on VHS in Europe and North America. A DVD was released in 2000 and discontinued in 2006. A new special edition DVD came out in 2008.

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Despite Marie being a minor character and really not too much being known about her, fans have fallen in love with the sassy white kitten. Here are some Marie extras collected from all over the web for you to enjoy:

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