Meet the Disney Character: Hookhand (Pub Thug) from Tangled

In several scenes of the 2010 Disney Animated Feature, Tangled, there are a group of what comes to be known as the “Pub Thugs”. Several of the thugs have a bit bigger role than the others. Today, in Meet the Disney Character, we’ll take a look at Hookhand, my personal favorite of the pub thugs.

Featured in: Tangled, 2010

Voiced by: Brad Garrett

Also Known As: Pub Thug

Appearance: Large, Viking-Like, Hook on Left Hand, Odd Moustache

Personality: Tough but Kind, Menacing

Home: The Snuggly Duckling

Occupation: Leader of the Thugs

Weapons: Hook

We first meet Hookhand and the other thugs when Rapunzel and Flynn Rider arrive at their pub hangout, The Snuggly Duckling. The thugs recognize Flynn from the “Wanted” posters seen all around the kingdom and plan to turn him in. Rapunzel confronts the men and explains how she needs Flynn Rider to help her fulfill her dream of seeing the floating lanterns. Rapunzel and the thugs join in a song together, I Have A Dream.

Hookhand reveals that his dream is to be a concert pianist. In this scene is where one of my favorite exchanges in the movie takes place:

“Hookhand: Go, live your dream.
Flynn Rider: I will.
Hookhand: Your dream stinks. I was talking to her. [Referring to Rapunzel] “

Just after this, Hookhand helps Rapunzel and Flynn Rider to escape the pub through an underground passage when the royal guard arrives.

Later in the movie, Hookhand and the other thugs are rounded up by Maximus to help Flynn Rider escape from jail so that he can rescue Rapunzel from her tower and Mother Gothel. Hookhand goes on to preform at Rapunzel’s return to the kingdom of Corona. He also fulfills his dream and becomes a famous concert pianist.

Here are a few Hookhand from Tangled goodies gathered for you from around the web. I couldn’t find too much, but I hope you enjoy what we did stumble across.

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