Cheap Back To School Notebook Tutorial

Spring semester starts either this week (or next) for the majority of students. For me, I start tomorrow! (BOO!) I was on a creative kick today and decided that I wanted to do a tutorial here at Wee Share. So – here I am!

I am a HUGE fan of Vera Bradley. I am talking – HUGE! My absolute FAVORITE pattern is the Cupcake Pink. Here is a picture of a Cupcake Pink book bag:

This pattern is now retired… (…tear!)… and that makes it very hard to find. So, instead of searching high and low for this pattern for my school supplies – I decided I would use this genius color scheme and pattern to quickly design a notebook for one of my classes. I decided I would make it for my Spanish class, because it is my favorite! 🙂

The very first thing I did was choose my notebook that I was going to put my image on. I chose this first so that I would have a good idea of how big I wanted my image to be. You can use cheap notebooks or expensive notebooks – totally up to you! For me, I used very cheap notebooks. You know, those ones that are like .25 cents around the beginning of the school year.

I did not choose which color I wanted to use yet since the notebooks were all the same size. Now I created my main image. I used my Cricut to create this (of course). I used the Cake Basics and Paisley.

Now, the beauty of this image is that there is no actual template for it. What I mean by this is, you can create it ANY WAY that you want to and it will still look awesome! So, I am not going to go through each and every image and size that I used… because that takes the fun out of designing this!

Here is my completed image. I will tell you that the Cake Basics cartridge and the Paisley cartridge work GREAT together! I absolutely LOVE this combination!

Also, I have something that I MUST tell you – crafter-to-crafter. Sometimes I have trouble finding solid card stock paper that produces clean cuts with my Cricut. If you have this problem, I have a SOLUTION! The card stock at Michaels is PHENOMENAL! It is very reasonably priced and allows you to use a Speed setting of 4 and a pressure setting of 4 without any messed up cuts!

The next thing I did was choose the main background color for my image and decorate it. I chose the pink color that is on the image to be the background, and used the Cherry Limeade Lite Cartridge for my font (LOVE this font!).

After this I placed my image onto the pink background.

I decided that with the image, background, and ribbon that the green notebook would work best with the color scheme.

I covered the whole front of the image/background with Modge Podge to try and seal the images on to the background. I did this because I wanted to prevent at least a little wear and tear on my notebook.

Don’t worry – it dries clear! 🙂

I tried a couple of ways to adhere this on to the notebook. Here were my thoughts: I’m going to be putting this in my book bag and opening it and closing it a lot. That means I need it to be durable. The first thing that I did was try and adhere it to the notebook with Modge Podge. However, it was messy and irritating. So, I let it dry and tried tacky glue and double sided tape. This (seems) to have worked so far!

The only thing that I am not too crazy about is how the paper seemed to bubble up because of the Modge Podge. But – it was a first time try and I think it came out pretty well! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! 🙂


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