Cereal Necklaces: A FUN & EASY Way to Liven Up Snack Time!

Raileigh loves to munch on dry cereal. However, you have to admit that dry cereal can get a bit boring after a while.

So, we recently changed how we snack on cereal. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it instantly changes your view of dry cereal…


Instead of handing Raileigh a cup or bowl of cereal, we’ve started making cereal necklaces together. Not only is it less messy, but she enjoys it- both the necklace creating and the munching! Plus, it is a great way to work on hand- eye coordination and fine motor skills as she strings each piece onto the necklace.

Here’s how you can do this, too!


  • Round cereal (Cheerios, Fruit Loops, etc.)
  • String (we used embroidery floss because that’s what we had… almost anything will do. I DO NOT recommend yarn because your child will end up eating fuzz along with the cereal)

I just poured a small amount of cereal into a bowl for Raileigh. I cut the string to the appropriate length. Note about this– make sure to cut a piece that will be long enough to easily slide over your child’s head… I learned that the hard way.

We started out with the new Cinnamon Cheerios, which are excellent, by the way! You could tie a piece of cereal to one of the string to keep the other cereal from falling off as your child strings it. However, I just held on end for Raileigh and she string the pieces on… of course, she also stopped occasionally to eat a few pieces. You can string on as many as you would like. When you have as many pieces of cereal on the string as you would like, simply tie it and hang it around your little one’s neck.

Raileigh LOVES that she gets to eat her necklace. Not only are these great for home, but they are great on the go as well. Just string up a few extra necklaces to take with you. They are a great non-messy snack for the car, especially. We also took one to my sister’s soccer game this past weekend, and Raileigh sat their contentedly eating her necklace.

Let me know if you have any fun and easy things that you do to liven up snack time!


  1. Donna says:

    I remember making these necklaces as a kid. I can’t believe I didn’t think to make them with my kids before – I’m sure they are going to love them. Thanks for posting!

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