Tutorial: Create Quick Washcloths for Kids Using Your Serger!

Earlier this month, I shared a review with you of my new “toy”- the ‘Project Runway’ 5234PRW Limited Edition Serger from Brother. Almost each and every day since, I have found a new project or idea in which I can use my serger to create something or make life a little easier.

Today, I am going to share an easy tutorial with you to make kids washcloths. This project ONLY requires the use of a serger– no sewing machine necessary! It will stitch up quickly and you can make a big batch of washcloths in no time at all! The finished product is approximately 8″ square, but can easily be changed to a smaller or larger size.

I highly prefer these washcloths to any baby and children’s washcloths I have ever purchased at a store. They are thicker, bigger, softer, and a whole lot more durable. Plus, they can be customized with your child’s favorite animals, character, or just a fun print!

Materials: (This will actually provide you with enough materials to make 4 or 5- 8″ washcloths)
1/4 yard of flannel (pre-washed to prevent shrinkage in subsequent washings)
1/4 yard of fleece * (pre-washed to prevent shrinkage in subsequent washings)
Measuring Device (ruler, yard stick, etc.)
Disappearing Marking Pen or a Pencil

*NOTE- Instead of fleece, you can also use chenille or terry


1. First off, we will need to create the basic square shape of the washcloth. I used my quilting ruler and a disappearing marking pen to drawn an 8″ square on the back of my flannel. You could also choose to create an 8″ square template using freezer paper if you’d like.

2. Cut your square from the flannel fabric.

3. Next, pin your flannel square to your fleece square, wrong sides together. I actually place the pins about 1 inch away from the edge of the flannel. This way, I can leave them in place after cutting to help ensure the fabric doesn’t shift while I serge the layers together. Cut your fleece out, using the flannel as a guide.

4. It is now time to serge the pieces together! Start on one corner of the washcloth and serge straight down the edge. With this project, I actually chose to not really cut any of the edge off unless there were a few wavy bits where I had not cut exactly straight 🙂

5. Now, as you approach the corner, there are several things that you could choose to do. I will explain my favorite way to turn the corner. It helps to slow down a bit as you get close to the corner. Then, carefully stitch ONE stitch off the edge of the fabric. It is important to not stitch more than that– trust me, I did and it creates a jumbled mess! Carefully pull a bit of slack in the needle thread and slide the stitches off of the stitch finger. Lift your presser foot and gently pivot your fabric 90 degrees. Position your needles at the top edge of the fabric the same distance from the edge as they were when you began sewing. Lower the presser foot. Then, slowly turn the handwheel to manually lower the needles and make sure that you have indeed aligned them correctly.

6. Continue in a straight line down the edge of the washcloth. When you reach the next two corners, repeat the above process (step 5).

7. As you approach the corner where you began, chain off and finish any way that you choose. I like to snip the threads close to the fabric and seal using a product such as Fray Check.

8. That’s it! You have a completed washcloth!

Here is a close-up of the corner so you can see how neat and tidy your handy-work will look:

These really are easy to make and make an excellent shower gift. I have already began to make a big batch to give to my niece for Christmas! Well, that is, if Raileigh doesn’t keep taking them for herself!

This is my first sewing tutorial, so I hope that everything made sense! My ‘Project Runway’ 5234PRW Limited Edition Serger from Brother just makes project like this such a breeze that I worry I haven’t explained everything properly. So, email me at weeshareblog@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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