Shutterfly– The PERFECT Destination for ALL of Your Card Needs This Holiday Season!

For Raileigh’s first Christmas, we decided to give everyone a photo book filled with pictures from her first three months of life. Since we were living five hours from our closest family at the time, this was a great way to make them feel a little more included in Raileigh’s life. I shopped around extensively because I wanted to make sure that I chose the perfect photo books for everyone on our list. What company did I ultimately decide to use when creating our gifts? Shutterfly, of course!

This was actually my first experience with Shutterfly, and it was great! Since then, I have been back often, ordering more photo books as Raileigh has grown. We have also ordered prints from Shutterfly. With every order, I know that I can expect a fast delivery and well packaged products. It is always evident to me that quality and customer service is at the very top of the list at Shutterfly.

This Christmas, Darren and I have decided to host a party for all of our friends. This will be our first year doing this, and we want to make sure every little detail is just right. So, when we began thinking about our invitations, I knew exactly where to turn- Shutterfly!

I logged into my free Shutterfly account and headed straight for the Christmas Invitations. There was a fantastic selection of options to use for our party. Some invitations included photos, while others featured fabulous imagery representative of the season. I didn’t have anything in mind when I began browsing, so it was great to see such a variety of invitation designs. After browsing for a bit, three invitations stood out to me:

Right now, I think the snowman is my favorite, but I have not made a final decision. What do you think?

Really– whatever your card needs are this holiday season, Shutterfly has you covered! In addition to the Christmas invitations I went to check out, they have a great selection of Christmas cards, Hannukah Cards, New Year’s Cards, and much more. Plus, I saw at the top of their site that you can receive free shipping on orders over $30 with the special promo code!

Of course, I couldn’t leave Shutterfly without browsing through some other areas of the site as well! We have been giving photo books to our relatives for several years now. I have considered changing things up this year by purchasing a different gift. I would still like for it to feature at least one picture of Raileigh, though. I think that a wall calendar might be a good option. That way, the recipient would have a new picture of Raileigh to enjoy each month! Perhaps personalized art would be a good choice as well. The canvas adds a different dimension and texture than a traditional photograph and would really be a nice keepsake to have displayed in the home.

I will be receiving a code for 50 free cards from Shutterfly in exchange for this post. You can find out how to get 50 cards free as well by visiting this link: . All opinions expressed above are my own.

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