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Raileigh loves bath time. It is inevitable that every single time she takes a bath, she is going to ask for bubbles. We go through bubbles incredibly fast because she insists on having them each night. As a result, we have tried many different types and brands of bubbles, only to find that there are very few we actually enjoy using.

Recently, we were introduced to a line of bath products that both Raileigh and I love- Good Clean Fun. Good Clean Fun is the kids division of Smith & Vandiver, a bath, body, and wellness company. S&D strives to use sustainable resources and protect the environment while creating the best natural and organic products on the market.

I was thrilled to see that S&D has a kids division within their company. I have seen many all-natural and organic products geared towards adults, but haven’t stumbled upon too many for children. It’s nice to know that S&D cares about the health and well-being of our little ones.

Good Clean Fun generously sent me an assortment of bath products to try out with Raileigh.

Good Clean Fun Bubbles

Good Clean Fun Bubbles are a safe and natural option for bath time suds. These bubbles are perfect for young and/ or sensitive skin. They contain no irritants, no sulfates, no parabens, no artificial colors or fragrances, and no animal by-products. Have you checked the ingredient list on your bottle of bubbles lately? Chances are, it contains some pretty yucky stuff! In fact, Raileigh received a bottle of bath bubbles for her birthday that features a well-known cartoon character. I decided to check out the ingredients and was pretty surprised at what I saw. numerous different sulfates, several artificial colors, synthetic fragrance, and a whole slew of stuff I can’t even begin to pronounce. That is not exactly what I want my child bathing herself in!

Good Clean Fun Bubbles are NPA certified. This means that an independent third party has evaluated the bubbles and deemed that they are all-natural and non toxic. Of course, I still had to check the ingredients out for myself. True to their word, the Good Clean Fun Bubbles contain none of the nasty and potentially harmful chemicals that our other bubbles do.

So, we have established that they bubbles are safe. However, I still had to find out how they would preform in the bath tub. As I mentioned, Raileigh loves bubbles, so I needed these suds to really produce some bubbles. Fortunately, they worked wonderfully. I poured some of the bubble bath under the running water. I used the Good Clean Fun suggestion to increase the bubbles (swish your hand with open fingers in a brisk side-to-side movement). Quickly, the tub filled with wonderfully scented bubbles. The ducky package has a vanilla scent and the dino bubbles smell like a fruity grape. They both have a nice light scent, but I prefer the ducky to the dino. Raileigh enjoyed using her new bubble bath, and I enjoyed knowing that no harmful chemicals were used in her bath time fun.

Additionally, Good Clean Fun is even environmentally friendly when it comes to packaging. As opposed to a thick plastic bottle, they use a thin pouch to house the bubbles. This uses 82% less plastic by weight! The bubbles package is fully recyclable, but if it does wind up in a landfill, it takes up significantly less room!

Good Clean Fun Bath Fizz

Dino Fizz Aptosaurus

Dino Fizz Stegosaurus

Dino Fizz Tyrannosaurus

Bath Fizz Frog Prince

Bath Party Fizz

Have you ever tried a bath fizz? I honestly had not until we received the five varieties above from Good Clean Fun. I was excited and a wee bit curious as to how these little bath fizz products would work.

The day our package arrived, I knew it was from Good Clean Fun before I ever even opened the box. There was an incredibly pleasant aroma coming from the package, and it was coming from the bath fizz products inside! The smell was light, but lingering, and quite refreshing. I knew that it would be wonderfully relaxing for Raileigh to bathe with these fun bath products.

We turned the bath water on, and I tossed in the Bath Fizz Frog Prince. Each fizz has a special surprise inside, and with this bath fizz, you don’t know which one you will get. There is the possibility of a frog or a prince, and you have to use the fizzy to find out what’s inside. We watched as the fizzy dissolved and filled the tub with fun bubbles. The bathroom was also filled with a very pleasant aroma. After a little while, we saw the back of the frog poking out of our fizzy. Of course, Raileigh wanted to pull him out right then. We waited, though, and soon our little froggy was free!

The Frog Prince Bath Fizzy is white, but a few of the other fizzies are colorful. Take the Dino Fizz Stegosaurus, for instance. This orange fizzy not only holds a surprise inside and creates bubbles, but it turns your bath water a fun color as well! As the bath fizz dissolves, the water turns orange. It’s just a fun and added extra for bath time.

Raileigh loves the little surprises she gets inside her bath fizzies. In fact, she still has every one of them. She carries them around the house and calls them her “prizes”. We have since used each of the bath fizz products we were sent to review. However, Raileigh loves them so much that I am going to have to get her some more. They would make great stocking stuffers!

We have had such a wonderful time trying out all of the fun bath products from Good Clean Fun! Do you want to give them a whirl as well? Good Clean Fun has agreed to send one of you a collection of bath products just like we received!

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No monetary compensation was received for this post. A collection of bath products was provided to me for review. An additional set of bath products is being provided as a giveaway for my readers. All opinions expressed above are my own.


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