My Mommy Blogger Escape at Four Seasons Atlanta!

Friday evening, I set out for my first true me time since Raileigh was born. I was invited to spend a fabulous weekend at the Mommy Blogger Escape at Four Seasons Atlanta. It would just be me and some other fabulous women- no kids, no husbands, just us.

I arrived just before 6pm and an incredibly kind gentleman helped me carry in my bag. I checked in and was shown to the elevator to head up to my 15th floor room. Once I reached the room that would be my home away from home while I was at the escape, it began to hit me what I relaxing time I was about to experience. A soft, inviting music was playing from the bedside. I couldn’t help but smile as I was beginning to relax already.

A quick survey of the room led me to some incredible welcome gifts that had been left for us. There was a spa gift set that included some wonderfully scented bath and beauty products, as well as an incredibly comfy robe. There was also an itinerary for our stay, which let me know that the cocktail party and kitchen tour would begin in about 45 minutes. So, as tempting as it was to slip into that robe, I knew I needed to get ready for the evening.

The bathroom was just as amazing as the room. There was a stand-up shower, complete with gold Kohler fixtures. There was also a large tub that was calling my name! It didn’t help that there was a spa bath kit right on the bathroom counter. I knew that I would have to look into that later in the evening!

I got ready and headed down to the lounge in the Park 75 restaurant. A few other ladies were already there, as was Spa Director Garth Mamicpic and Director of Rooms, Annette Watkins. We were also introduced to Abby Moreland, the wonderful lady that set the entire weekend up for us! It was also great to see a few other bloggers that I had met previously.

After everyone had arrived, we headed to the kitchen to see where all of the delicious food is made. Sous Chef Tommy Greer had set up a great sampling of the Savor the Summer Menu for us to try. Everything was incredibly delicious! A few highlights for me were the Sliders and Lobster Stuffed Tomatoes. I was shocked to learn that every day from 5pm- 7pm, these delectable little burgers are just $1!

After we got a taste of the wonderful food at Park 75, we headed upstairs to the garden. That’s right- the garden. On top of one section of the hotel, Park 75 has a fully functional organic garden! They grow everything from tomatoes and lettuce to eggplants and peppers. It was such a unique experience to see all of these delicious fruits and vegetables growing on top of this luxury hotel!

Park 75 also creates their own honey. They have two bee colonies set up on the roof top as well. Each colony has one queen bee and a whole lot of worker bees. I learned a lot of information about these insects- why they are becoming extinct, what to do if you’re stung, and more. It was incredibly interesting (and a little unnerving for me!) to be this close to something I normally stay as far away from as possible!

Then, it was time for dinner. We were led to the gorgeous Park 75 dining room. A table was already prepared and waiting for us. We began with a choice of still or sparkling water, and an appetizer from the Savor the Summer Menu. Then, we all had the choice of two entrees and a dessert. I choice pork belly and swordfish, followed by a molten lava chocolate cake. Each of us were also offered a wine pairing, which I declined. Just look at all of this delicious food I enjoyed throughout dinner!

The food may have been outstanding, but the company was even better. I had the chance to talk with and get to know the other women attending the escape. We talked about everything from BlogHer to products we have enjoyed reviewing to potty training. It was relaxing as we all shared stories of crazy things our kids have done. I picked up some useful tips to use when we start trying to rid ourselves of diapers again, and just really enjoyed some lighthearted conversation with a great group of women.

When dinner was over, I felt that spa bath calling my name. I added the bath salts and oils, as well as the rose petals, and settled in for a nice, long soak. There was no one calling my name, no TV playing in the background- just me, a hot bath, and some relaxing music. After the bath, I tested out that nice, soft robe. It made me quite happy to know that it would be coming home with me.

Then, I snuggled into the cushy king bed that I would have all to myself. I share a queen bed with my husband and normally my daughter, too, so this was a real treat! The comforter and pillows were made of down and they felt perfect. I watched a little TV and then dosed off listening to the soft tunes coming from the CD player.

I awoke the next morning in time to shower before the activities that were planned. The shower felt incredible. Again, there was no one trying to rush me along for any reason, so I made sure to take my time. Then, I enjoyed a little Sports Center and watched the morning news.

Around 8am, I headed downstairs for our morning yoga session on the terrace. We all gathered with our amazing instructor, Dawn, for a light session before the day began. I used to do yoga frequently and I really enjoy it. However, I could quickly tell that it had been a while since I had practiced seriously. It felt rejuvenating and wonderful, but it also let me know that I should stretch some of those muscles a little more often!

After our yoga session, we gathered the new yoga mats we were given to take home with us, and drank the refreshing honey and fruit water that was provided. Then it was off to breakfast. I absolutely love breakfast, so I was excited to see what was in store for us! We started with juice and an assortment of baked goods. I chose orange juice, and it was the best orange juice I have ever had, hands down. I also ate a delicious croissant and part of an apple cinnamon muffin. They were both incredible!

Breakfast consisted of an egg white omelet, fresh fruit with mint, a yogurt parfait, and a blackberry smoothie shooter. The blackberry smoother was my favorite part of the meal. It was light and very, very yummy. I could definitely drink one of those for breakfast every day! We also met Executive Chef Robert Gerstenecker. he prepared our meals that morning and actually created many of the recipes we tried during our escape. What a talented man!

After we ate our fill, we were taken on a tour of the spa. As you can imagine, we were all more than a little excited about going here. After our tour, it was time for some of the ladies to go in for their spa treatment. Mine was scheduled for a bit later, so I decided to take a dip in the pool. One of the other women joined me, and I enjoyed talking as we relaxed in the water. We also made sure to leave time for the steam room before our treatments. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed being hot before, but the steam really made my skin feel fantastic.

As we were readying for our spa treatments, we found a bathing suit dryer in the locker rooms. It resembled a mini washing machine that only did the spin cycle. This little machine was great because it got a lot of the water out of your suit so you didn’t have to leave with a dripping wet bathing suit.

While I waited for my spa treatment to begin, I sat in the waiting area. The lights were low, there was soft music playing, magazines to read, and an assortment of light things to drink. Finally, it was my turn. Alicia came to get me for my massage. I have never had a massage before, so I was a bit nervous. Alicia was wonderful, however. I had chosen a massage oil that smelled like roses and it was all ready and waiting when we entered the room. The lights were low, more soft music was playing, and it was just a really inviting place.

Alicia could tell a lot about me just by doing the massage. She found an incredibly tense muscle in my neck and knew that I kept my computer keyboard at the wrong level and slept on my side. She told me some exercises to do each day to help the muscle from getting so uncomfortable. For almost an hour, she worked, massaging all of my muscles. It felt so amazing. When I got up, I honestly could feel a difference.

I rested for a moment, and then was whisked away to a poolside lunch. We were brought a tasting plate of various Mediterranean foods. Just like with almost everything else I had eaten that weekend, these dishes were new to me. There was a cucumber and sprout salad that had some sort of delicious dressing on it. I also tried hummus, which I was pretty surprised to see that I liked! There was some veggie chips, a grilled veggie wrap, and grilled tuna on a salad. Plus, there was a peach cobbler for dessert. What an amazing lunch!

Lunch came to an end, and that meant our escape was over as well. I headed back to my room to pack up and get ready to see my family. It had been wonderful to get away, but I sure did miss Darren and Raileigh a lot!

If you’ve been thinking that you would like to get away, I recommend checking out The Spa at Four Seasons Atlanta. They have special packages for moms during the week that sounds absolutely wonderful. If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, this really would be the perfect gift.

I enjoyed meeting all of the other ladies who attended, and I highly encourage you to check out each of their websites.

Thank you to The Spa and Four Seasons Atlanta for a truly unforgettable escape!


  1. Andie says:

    Wow, congrats. That sounds like an awesome experience. Must have been quite a break from your usual routine. And what lovely food!

  2. Execumama says:

    Great post, Desi!! It was such an incredible experience, and I’m happy to have met you and the rest of our “Chillaxation” crew too 🙂

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