Friday’s "It’s in the Bag" Craft bag #1…

So, last night while making some gift bags I had full intentions of making some sporty bags. HOWEVER, I just cannot resist the girly glitz… so I gave in and made TWO more Raileigh bags. I’m going to do these in two different posts!

Chick with Raileigh

I want to pre-apologize for the pictures. I live in Georgia and my camera doesn’t handle going from inside my humidity-free house to outside in the Georgia humidity… So some of them look a little foggy!


  • Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange and Pink Cardstock
  • Don Juan and Once Upon a Princess Cartridges
  • Glue

I cut the chick out at 4 inches. I really liked this chick because it represents a birthday but it is SO cute! 🙂

The Raileigh was cut out with the Don Juan cartridge at 2 inches. I put it sideways because I do not think I have ever done that before and it looked kinda cute! 🙂

Be sure to head over to Friday’s “It’s in the Bag” Craft Bag #2 to get the scoop on the second bag I made for today!