VERY Late Fathers Day Post!

I have been very slack in the family posts lately. But, that doesn’t mean there has been any shortage of fun and adventures! I am going to try and play catch up and share some of the fun we have been having over the past month or so.

For Father’s Day, I decided that Raileigh and I would make Darren a cake. He really likes dessert, especially my cakes and cupcakes. It sounded like fun to make something kind of unusual, and I decided on a rainbow cake. Raileigh helped me to mix up all the ingredients in the cake. She really enjoys sitting on the counter and helping me bake. She counts eggs, pours things in, and mixes. She’s pretty good at it, too! After the batter was all ready to go, we divided it in to 5 cups so that we could color the batter.

I pulled out my food coloring and realized it had expired- a LONG time ago. I didn’t even know food coloring expired. So, we had to go with the neon food coloring we had used at Easter to dye eggs. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it worked.

After the batter was colored, we had to spoon it into the cake pans. At some point, Raileigh decided she wanted to help, and it got a bit messy. Cake batter with food coloring doesn’t come off as easily as non-colored batter. Finally, though, we got all the batter in the pans and it was baking time!

While the cake baked, we made Darren a card to go with his yummy dessert. Raileigh did a great job coloring a picture on the pink construction paper she picked out. When the cake was done, we let it cool, and then set to work icing it. Though I wasn’t sure how the cake was going to turn out when we started, I was pretty pleased with the end results!

We gave Darren the cake on Saturday night when he got home from work- mostly because it’s pretty difficult to hide an entire cake!

Sunday morning, we got up in time to grab some breakfast before church. Darren and Raileigh had a lot of fun goofing off and wearing silly cardboard crowns.

Church was wonderful, as usual. After church, our family and Darren’s brothers headed over to his Granny’s house. Not the typical person you visit on Father’s Day, I know. But, last year on Father’s Day was the last time we saw Darren’s Granddaddy before he passed away. So, we just all felt that day that we needed to be with her.

Overall, it was a wonderful day and Raileigh and I really enjoyed celebrating the favorite man in our lives. I want to leave you today with a few pictures of Raileigh last Father’s Day. Look how much she has grown!