Tag Tuesday – Little Ladybug

I think gift tags are always a great addition to any present. What better way to add a personal touch to your gifts than to make your own gift tag? This week is Ladybug week, and these are my completely customizable ladybug gift tags. Feel free to use your own embellishments, colors, and tag shapes. My tutorial is simply a guide, or a template for you to use! (But you can also create your own replica of mine!)


– S.E.I. Chickadee Paper Pack
– Pink Cardstock
– Black Cardstock
– Adhesive
– Pop Dots
– Black Ribbon
– Cricut
– Cricut “Just Because Cards” Cartridge
– Cricut “Mini Monogram” Cartridge
– Pink Glitter
– Spray Mod Podge
– Cropodile *
– Eyelets *

* Optional


Step 1: Use “Mini Monogram” Cartridge to create the base. You will do this cut twice, one with pink cardstock and one with your patterned paper.
< crcltag > page 130 at 4 inches

Step 2: Next is to adhere the two bases together.


Step 3: Using the “Just Because Cards” Cartridge, first make your base with black cardstock.
Layer 1, < bug >, at 8 inches (this is found on page 48)

Step 4: Take your pink cardstock and make the ladybug wings.
Layer 1, < bug-s >, at 8 inches (this is found on page 48)

Step 5: Put adhesive on the ladybug and sprinkle glitter. Let it dry for about 5 minutes, then tap off excess glitter.

Step 6: Spray Mod Podge on the wings. Let dry.

Step 7: Glue the wings on to the ladybug’s base. Add pop dots to the base and adhere to the tag base (on the side with the pattern).

Step 8: Add ribbon to the tag.

OPTIONAL Step 9: Using a Cropodile, (a device that looks like an oversized hole punch, that punches eyelets into place: these can be found at any craft store) place an eyelet at the top of the ribbon. Trim the excess ribbon off from around the eyelet.

I like to use a lighter to melt the ends around the eyelet to ensure that the ribbon will not fray! 🙂

I hope you enjoy Tag Tuesday! Thank you for stopping by! Visit back tomorrow for Just Because Wednesday!

If you like the ladybug tags but don’t have a Cricut, you can email me at angela.hogan26@gmail.com or go to my Etsy site!

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