Strawberry Picking

This morning, we took Raileigh to the local strawberry patch. We all love strawberries a lot. I think they might even be Raileigh’s favorite food. A plump, red, fresh berry has got to be one of the best things I have ever eaten!

It was Saturday, so of course the patch was crowded. Plus, it’s getting pretty close to the end of strawberry season. So, it took us a little longer than normal to fill up our bucket.

We had a fantastic time, though. I expected Raileigh to pretty much sit and chow down while we picked. She didn’t though. She ate a few, but mostly she was more interested in helping. She held the bucket until it got too heavy for her, and then Darren took it. So, she would take all the berries I picked and carry them to the bucket.

Darren and I were only picking about 10 feet apart, and Raileigh was just walking back and forth between us. However, every time she’d leave one of us to walk towards the other one, she’d wave, yell buy, and tell us “See you soon!”. She did this the whole time we picked and it was really sweet.


We finally filled our bucket and were ready to head out. It only costs $10 to fill this big bucket to the top. It’s a much better deal than the grocery store and the strawberries taste so much better! Yum! I think I’m going to go eat some right now.

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