Seeking Sponsorship for Type-A Mom Blog Conference

When: September 24-26

Where: Asheville, NC

Why Sponsor Us?

Wee Share started in November 2009 as a way to share product information with other parents. It is very satisfying to be able to share information about products with others before they buy- kind of like an online test drive. We have seen firsthand that hard work does pay off, as we have had opportunities to work on such campaigns as the Sears Outlet Signature Team.

Time and time again, our writing and blogging style and been praised as thorough and well written. As people who share their opinions and experiences through words, this is the ultimate compliment! We pride ourselves on running a well organized blog that grows daily by leaps and bounds!

It has been amazing to see our blog grow to include amazing products as well as our personal interests. We are both big time crafters, and like to try and draw others in to experience this passion. From scrapbooking and paper crafts to sewing and knitting, we like to dabble in a large variety of creative ventures. We also both like to talk about our faith, as well as frugal family activities in our area.

Blogging has really became an outlet for us to form relationships. Whether it be with each other, our family and friends, or with you, the companies who keep us going, relationships are truly what drive this blog. We have formed close relationships with other bloggers, as well as several PR firms and companies. We are very grateful for each and every encounter we are blessed with.

What Are We Looking For?

  • 2 tickets @ $199.99 each ($249.99 each after July 23, 2010)
  • Fuel Expenses to and from conference- $150
  • Hotel Accommodations- $300 each (4 nights @ $75 per night per room)

TOTAL NEEDED: $1150 before July 23, $1250 after July 23

*Please note- Of course,we would love if someone could sponsor both of us for the entire event! However, we completely understand budget restraints! So, if you can sponsor us for any amount, we would be greatly appreciative!

What Can We do for You?

  • Blog posts about your company before, during, and after the conference
  • Regular tweeting about your company before, during, and after conference
  • We will wear clothing and/ or carry bags from your company during the conference
  • Your logo and a link to your company will appear on the Type A Conference Personal Sponsor page
  • A 125×125 ad on Wee Share from October- December 2010 (crucial holiday months!)
  • A Product Review and/or giveaway on Wee Share prior to the conference
  • Non-Aggressive Word of Mouth Marketing about your company as we mingle and form relationships at the conference

Need More Information?

You can visit our up to date Media Kit HERE
Learn More About Each of Us HERE

Feel free to email us as well:

Thank you very much for your consideration! We sincerely hope to be marketing your company at Type-A Mom Conference 2010!