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Do you remember that I recently shared with you that I was going to be working with CSN Stores? There are 200+ stores at CSN I listed 10 of those stores, and told you that I would be doing a review from one of them. The store I ultimately chose to review products from was All Children’s

I chose All Children’s because there were so many things that Raileigh would enjoy having. From furniture and bedding sets to decor and toys for playtime, All Children’s is filled with thousands of items to compliment any child’s room. The problem was sorting through all of the amazing brands featured here and deciding what I wanted the opportunity to try out.

I browsed the inventory at All Children’s Furniture for hours! Every page I clicked on would show me yet another item I really liked. Then, I remembered two items I had wanted to get for Raileigh around her first birthday. We had found them in a local specialty toy store while we were window shopping one day. After I went home, I decided that these things would make the perfect birthday gift. So, I went back two days later to make my purchase, and found that the store had shut down!

I had no luck finding them at any other local shops, and since the big day was really close, we just went with another gift. I decided that I would search and see if just maybe All Children’s Furniture carried either of the items. You cannot imagine my excitement when I discovered that they carry not one, but BOTH of the things I was looking for- the Gymnic Rock ‘N’ Rody and the Cloud B Twilight Ladybug. Once I figured this out, I knew exactly what I was ordering!

Check-out was a breeze. Before I even placed each item in my basket, I was able to see how many there were in stock, estimated shipping time, the construction quality of the item, and what the chances were that it would be damaged in shipping. I felt like a very informed shopper! I was pleased to see that when I checked out, my entire order qualified for free shipping! Even though the two items I ordered had different approximate shipping dates, the free shipping still applied.

The first item to arrive was the Gymnic Rock ‘N’ Rody. Raileigh loves horses, though she still looks at me a little funny when I teach her to “neigh”. She had played on one of the Rody horses in the toy store I mentioned above and really enjoyed herself. So, I had high hopes that Rody would be a hit. He comes in a box, deflated, with everything you need to blow him up. It only took a couple of minutes to get Rody ready for his first ride.

Raileigh had just a little trouble getting on him, but once she was situated, she hopped around the living room for a long time. She kept yelling out “hop horsey!” as she enjoyed her new toy. Since his arrival, Rody has been drug from one end of my house to the other. If someone bumps him and he falls over, Raileigh gets concerned. She will stand him back up and say “Horsey okay?”. It’s really sweet. After seeing Raileigh drag Rody around so much, I can attest that he is made from a very durable (latex-free) vinyl. I have also been impressed that Rody stays inflated quite well. Many inflatables slowly leak air when used frequently, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue with Rody.

A few days after we received Rody, our Cloud B Twilight Ladybug arrived. Raileigh really does not enjoy being in the dark, and I thought this fun product might help her. The Twilight Ladybug projects an array of stars and the moon onto the bedroom ceiling and walls. The shell and stars will illuminate in your choice of three colors- red, blue, or green. It also has an auto shut-off sleep timer that will turn the ladybug off after 45 minutes to help conserve the batteries.

It was still daylight when the turtle arrived, but I really wanted to try him out. So, Raileigh and I took him into an interior bathroom with no windows and shut the door. We stayed in there for a long time, switching between the colors and admiring the pretty stars on the ceiling. We have not used it bedtime for Raileigh. She fights sleep so badly, that I know this would just be another distraction for her.

When it gets dark, though, we’ll get out the ladybug and shine the stars all over the room. Even if we aren’t going to sleep right then, it’s a lot of fun to lay in bed and look at all the beautiful stars shining everywhere. Raileigh also really likes to pick the ladybug up and walk around with it. She’ll get close to the wall, then back away, and watch as the stars get bigger and smaller.

I know that I will be back to CSN to make many future purchases. Why am I so sure of this? I always know that I am getting a good deal. Every item has the list price, as well as the sale price that is being offered at CSN. It also shows what percent you are saving. Normally, I would be concerned that the price has just been marked up to make it appear like you’re saving money. However, since I have shopped for the two items I reviewed previously, I know how much they normally cost. I am happy to say that CSN Stores really is offering fabulous deals. Just look at the two items I reviewed and you will see!

Cloud B Twilight Ladybug

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  • List Price:$36.00
  • You Save:$6.00 (17%)
  • Sale Price:$30.00

Gymnic Rock ‘N’ Rody

  • List Price:$54.99
  • You Save:$14.27 (26%)
  • Sale Price:$40.72

I couldn’t be more pleased with the items from All Children’s at CSN Stores. The shipping time was indeed within the parameters I was given, the items were well packaged to prevent any damage, and I got a fantastic deal! Every time I browse through CSN, I find more and more things that I want to own.

So, if you are in the market for, well, ANYTHING, then I highly recommend CSN The selection is great, ordering is easy, and the prices just can’t be beat!

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