Mini Monday – Little Ladybug

When I go to the store, I love looking at all the different kinds of cards. My favorite ones are the mini cards. I think they are so precious. This week, my theme is Little Ladybug.

This card is perfect for a little one, a gift tag, an invitation, a thank you note, or just because. Basically, this card can be created for anything you see appropriate.


– S.E.I. Chickadee Paper Pack
– Black Cardstock
– Pink Cardstock
– White Cardstock
– Black marker
– Pink glitter
– Adhesive
– Glue pen
– Pop dots
– Cricut
– Just Because Cards Cartridge
– Mod Podge Spray

Before you read these, keep in mind: If you do not have a Cricut, all of these cuts can be done on your own! Also, the ladybug embellishment was made on the Cricut, but you can buy any kind of embellishment and put it on the card instead of the Cricut-made ladybug!

1. Take your white cardstock and place it on your Cricut mat.

2. Use the “Just Because Cards” Cartridge, and load paper.

3. To cut the base of the card use at 4 inches.

4. Now that you’ve got the base of your card, place your patterned paper on the Cricut mat.

5. Repeat Step three with patterned paper.
** This cut will make the front of your card and an accent on the inside.

6. Now it’s time to cut out the ladybug. I like to cut the base out first, so use the Just Because Cards cartridge, and black cardstock.

7. Make sure your Layer 1 key is on. Then cut out at 7 1/2 inches.

8. Using your pink cardstock, it is time to cut the wings. Press at 7 1/2 inches and then cut.

9. Now it is time to glitter the bug’s wing. I really like to use Stampendous!: Clear Embossing Ink Boss Gloss to create a sticky surface. Just dab the pen until the whole wings are wet.

10. Sprinkle glitter. I like to let the glitter set for about 5 minutes before shaking off excess glitter.

11. After the excess glitter is removed, I like to spray the glittered product with Mod Podge Spray to prevent the glitter from being messy.

12. After the Mod Podge dries, glue the wings to the Ladybug.

13. Now it’s time to put pop dots on the ladybug and adhere to the base.

14. Lastly, draw stitches behind the Ladybug!

If you like the ladybug but don’t have a Cricut, you can email me at or go to my Etsy site!

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