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Girls City Getaway

About a month ago, I added a second author to my blog. I had thought long and hard before making this decision, but it just felt right in so many ways. So, I asked my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, Angela, to join me at Wee Share.

Angela has blessed me in so many ways since joining Wee Share. She has made me realize that this blog has the potential to be so much more than just a place to share product reviews. Sure, those are really fun, and I know the giveaways are fantastic. But, when you get right down to it, that’s not what life is all about.

Life, to me, is all about relationships, whether it be with your family, friends, God, or the companies you work with on your blog. My life and family were getting lost in all the products I was featuring on my blog. I was telling you about some fantastic companies, but it felt really impersonal. You didn’t know anything about me- what is important to me, what my goals and interests are, and what’s going on with my family.

Over the past month, Angela and I have grown really close as we work on the blog together and dream about our goals for it. She has encouraged me to share more about the adventures I have with my daughter and things that happen in my every day life. She has been sharing her love of crafting, along with posts about her faith and love of health and exercise. I feel like the blog is becoming so much more than just impersonal product reviews- it’s becoming a tool to form relationships and share ideas with others all over the world.

Last night, we actually went out together to the Mom’s RoadShow sponsored by Maria Bailey and Mom Select. I am almost embarrassed to say that this is the first time I have been out without my husband or daughter since she was born 21 months ago. For some reason, we actually began talking about New York. I went once about 12 years ago, and it was like a dream. Angela was telling me how much she would love to go to the city and see all the amazing things she’s always heard about.

So, I am coming today to tell you how much I think Angela deserves a Girls City Giveaway. She has given me such a wonderful new perspective on things, which is just invaluable. Lovable Labels is sponsoring one blogger and a friend to go to BlogHer 2010 through the Lovable Labels BlogHer ’10 Getaway Contest. I would like to take Angela on this trip to say thank you for just being her. She has shared so much with me and helped me to grow in many positive ways. I would like to be able to give her something in return, and I can think of nothing better than a wonderful opportunity to grow the relationship with my amazing friend at BlogHer ’10!


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