Happy Birthday, Macie!

Sunday, Raileigh and I went to a birthday party! Her new friend, Macie, just turned two! Raileigh and Macie had played together a week earlier at a graduation party, and they had done really well together. I knew that Raileigh was going to have a great time.

We had only been there a few minutes before Raileigh was ready to go outside. Macie got a beautiful new swing set for her birthday, and that’s where Raileigh headed to play. There was a see-saw type swing and a pretty pink toddler swing. Of course, Raileigh wanted to swing in the pink swing. She also took a few turns going down the slide.

Then, it was time for lunch. For a brief few moments, Macie and Raileigh sat at their own little table. Soon, though, they were distracted by all the toys and went right back to playing again.

Raileigh kept heading for the pool, so I went ahead and put her swimsuit on. The pool was inflatable and had a fun inflatable slide with it. You could screw the water hose into the side of the pool, and water would squirt out, making it more slippery and easier to slide. At first, Raileigh just splashed in the pool, playing with some plastic horseshoes. Then, she discovered the slide with water squirting out onto it. She would climb up the slide a little, and then drink the water squirting out. Macie climbed up and started drinking as well. I think this was one of Raileigh’s favorite parts of the pool. She also slid down the slide quite a few times. I was beginning to wish I had a change of clothes because I was starting to get wet from helping her get up to the top of the slide. Raileigh was a fearless little slider. She would go on her tummy, head first, right into the water. Her face was getting soaked and she wasn’t afraid at all. I was really proud of her!

After pool time, it was time for cake and presents. Macie’s dad had made THREE cakes and they all looked great! One even looked like Elmo! Raileigh demolished a piece of strawberry cake and it was evident she thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Then, Raileigh helped Macie open her presents. She got lots of neat things- dolls and things to go with her dolls, fake food and mini pots and pans, several Elmo things, and more. Macie’s mom had also made a slideshow with pictures of Macie since she was born. It was really well done and I enjoyed seeing all the pictures.

It was time to leave after that. Raileigh was exhausted and she slept the whole way home. We had so much fun playing with Macie and I can’t wait to get her and Raileigh together again.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Desi!! It’s Brittany (Macie’s mom for everyone out there)..Macie talks about Raileigh ALL the time. Since the birthday party, Macie pretends to talk to Raileigh on the phone and she asks all the time where Raileigh is. They did play VERY with each other. I am so thankful yall got to come (it wouldn’t have bee nthe same without you). Raileigh has such a great personality and is so outgoing. I can’t wait to see yall again. You are so sweet to right such a great article about Macie’s birthday party. She had so much fun, as did all of us. It took a couple of days to rest. Hopefully we can get the girls together very soon.

  2. angela26 says:

    Oh my goodness Desi! I love this! Raileigh has the CUTEST bathing suit on! 🙂

    AND it is really impressive that she wasn’t scared to get her face all wet in the pool! I’ve taught swim lessons for a good 4 years now, and I hardly EVER have kids (these kids at about 4 years old) that aren’t afraid of the water! Gooo Raileigh! 🙂

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