Afternoon Fun at the Georgia Aquarium

Yesterday afternoon, after our wonderful visit to Sears Outlet, we took Raileigh down to the Georgia Aquarium. We purchased season passes back in February, and got our money’s worth very quickly. I really enjoy having season passes because we can go for an hour, enjoy it, and leave. If we bought individual day passes, I would feel like we needed to stay longer to truly get the most for what we had spent.

We always park 3 or 4 blocks from the aquarium and walk. Parking is $6 cheaper than the deck right at the aquarium. We enjoy the walk, anyhow, so it’s a win-win situation. The aquarium was a bit more crowded than usual for a week day. But, I suspect this is how it will be until school starts back in a few months.

We started off walking through the Tropical Diver section. This is the most colorful section of the aquarium. There is a huge aquarium tank that fills a wall that has fish in every color of the rainbow. This exhibit also has a clown fish, jellyfish, several seahorse, and other exotic fish.

Next, we made our way to our favorite section- the one with all the giant manta rays, sharks, and other big sea life. In this section, there is a tunnel you can go through and watch as the fish swim above your head. It is amazing. It feels as if they are swimming right next to you, but the glass is in fact several feet thick. At the end of this exhibit is the most enormous viewing area I have seen! You can sit in the amphitheater style seating, or you can walk right up to the glass. It really feels like you are so close to the fish! Raileigh like to stretch her arms out on the glass and give them “hugs”.

Yesterday was unique because we got to see a feeding. It was evident that the fish could tell what time it was. They were all swimming around extremely fast and hoovering near the pipes the food would come out of. This feeding was primarily for the smaller fish in the tank, but the big guys tried to get in on the action as well.

Next, we visited the Beluga Whales. I love this part of the aquarium because it seems so peaceful. These whales are so massive, yet they look so sweet and gentle. I think they are also quite beautiful, and they look so graceful when they swim. Penguins are also housed in this exhibit, as are a few seals and the octopus.

We ended our visit yesterday with a walk through the river section. There are the most beautiful frogs in here. They also have several species of gators, including an albino. Piranhas are in one tank and they really are vicious. We saw a feeding on an earlier visit, and it actually scared Raileigh so badly we had to leave. The otters are at the end as you leave this area. Yesterday, they were all sleeping peacefully on top of the rock.

The day was gorgeous when we exited, so Darren and Raileigh ran around in the grass for a bit. When it was time to go, Raileigh sat down right in the middle of the lawn. She was not ready to go. We wore her out though- she fell asleep in the car on the way home. The perfect ending to a perfect day with my family!