I Am in All You Magazine!

Quite a while back, I signed up to be an All You reality checker. Periodically, they send emails asking if I would like to try a new product ( we have tested new ketchup, popcorn, and cheese) or asking for my opinion on a subject. Several months ago, one topic that they wanted opinions on was how you save money on clothing.

My absolute favorite way of saving money on Raileigh’s clothing is creating them myself! I really like to take old clothes that don’t fit anymore or that we have grown tired of and give them new life. Occasionally, I will also visit the thrift store and pick up someone else’s discards to cut up. There is little cost (none if you raid your own closet) to a project like this and it is fun to see the results.

Here are a few things that I have made for Raileigh out of various other things.

The following three pair of pants were each made using an old men’s t-shirt

This dress was created using a men’s (believe it or not!) dress shirt I picked up at the thrift store

This dress was created by using parts of three different t-shirts

After I thought back upon some of the fun things I had created for Raileigh AND all the money it had saved us, I decided to submit my thoughts to All You. It wasn’t long before they called me and said that my money saving tip and made it past the first cut! I had to verify some information and submit a picture. At this point, I still wasn’t sure if I would actually make it into the magazine. I was so excited when All You contacted me to let me know I had made the final cut!

That’s when the real waiting began. After I made the cut, it would be almost 2 months before the magazine actually came out! I waited (not so patiently) to see my thoughts and picture in print. Now, the issue is finally on newsstands! Of course, I had to pick up a few copies to celebrate.

If you have the current issue (June 18, 2010) find me on pages 9 & 13. I also took a few pictures of my name in print to share with all of you!


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