Enjoying the Weather

Wednesday was kind of cloudy, but still a nice day- a GREAT day to play outside! We have been so busy unpacking, that we really haven’t spent too much time enjoying our new yard. Raileigh loves to play outside and run around, so I thought this would be the perfect day to get out.

I had been wanting to check out some of the flowers growing in the yard. There is a yellow rose bush on the side of the house, and some beautiful hydrangeas and azaleas in the front. We took a little walk around the yard, checking all of them out. Of course, Raileigh wanted to smell of each of them.

After our walk, I decided to take a seat in the shade of one of our trees. It’s the one all of the birds like to hang out in. I was hoping to see some of them, but they stayed away while we were outside. It might have something to do with my favorite little girl! Anyhow, I did see this giant web/ nest thing in the tree. I am not sure what it is. Do any of you know?

While I sat there checking out the web/ nest, Raileigh found something else to do. She loves to pick the weeds in our yard and bring them to me. You know- those yellow and white flowers that add color to all of our lawns. It’s really sweet. She will tell me “bye!” very loudly and wave as she walks the couple of feet away from me to pick the flower. Once she gets to the patch of flowers, she’ll spend a few moments deciding exactly which flower she wants to pick. Then she’ll come running back, with her little hand outstretched, and a flower tucked in her fist. It makes my heart smile.

After she tired of picking flowers, Raileigh decided to bring me various sticks and rocks. I had quite a collection going! That’s when the buses started coming. Wednesday was the last day of school around here, and apparently it was early release as well. Every time one of the ten or so buses drove by, Raileigh would jump and start running towards me. They are really loud and I think the noise just scared her.

I’ve noticed a cat hanging around a few times since we moved in and Raileigh got to see him today. He came around while we were outside, but stayed a safe distance away. Raileigh did yell quite loudly because she was so excited to see him. She also “meowed” for long after the cat was out of sight.

Raileigh then decided she wanted to ride her car. Mostly, she just sat on it and pushed all of the buttons that make music. I wanted her to stay hydrated, so I told her to take her car over to get her cup. Her version of “taking” the car was to pick it up and carry it. Not exactly what I had in mind, but whatever floats her boat.

After she played on her car for a few more minutes, I decided it was time to head inside. We have a small creek at the edge of our yard, and apparently it attracts mosquitoes. I am a mosquito’s favorite dish and get bit no matter what I do. After seeing the big welts on my hands, I decided we’d been outside for long enough!

Raileigh and I had a great time enjoying the weather!


  1. Mama R. says:

    Looks like tent caterpillars to me. I’m pretty sure you have to burn them so they don’t spread to more trees… If they’re what I think they are, they are super destructive! Glad you got to enjoy the nice weather. The flowers look lovely.

  2. Rachel C says:

    Looks like you’ve got a great new yard! I’m not sure what that nest thing is, but in Indiana we have what my dad always called “bag worms.” Yuck. Anyway, I think you need to cut that whole branch off, wrap the branch in a garbage bag so the bugs or whatever don’t get out, and get rid of it. Good luck!

  3. Ang26 says:

    She is just so precious! 🙂 Those pictures you took are great! I bet it’s so fun to watch her out in the yard! I know I had fun just for those few moments that I got to teach her about honeysuckles that day!


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