Couch Middle School Presents the 2010 Spring Musical!

Last night, Raileigh and I went to see my youngest sister in her school musical. Jesse is in 7th grade at Couch Middle School. The Chorus program across all three grades had worked together on a musical based on the hit TV show, Glee. Jesse was one of the popular girls, as well as the student stage manager and a member of the large chorus group. Needless to say, she stayed busy the entire production!

Raileigh and I arrived early and got seats right in the middle of the front row. Raileigh entertained herself while we were waiting by excitedly pointing out any other “babies” she could find. A baby to her is really anyone under the age of about 5. Once the show started, though, she behaved wonderfully! The only time she got too loud was when she saw Jesse on stage. Raileigh yelled out her name and waved at her. It was really cute! Other than that, when she got a little squirmy, we just snacked on teddy grahams and fruit snacks.

The show was so lively, it really kept her attention. The songs were modern songs that we all knew, from Thriller to Lean On Me. It was really evident that the kids in the show had worked extremely hard. There were some who really blew me away with their vocal talent. I am going to keep my eyes peeled, because I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on American Idol one day!

I did want to share some pictures from the show, and say congratulations to the CMS Chorus for a job well done!