10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier Me

TwitterMoms and Tropicana Trop 50 have teamed up with mom bloggers to help spread the word about things that will help make us healthier and happier. I was browsing TwitterMoms forums and saw a a post all about this fabulous opportunity. I have been very stressed out lately, so I welcomed the chance to focus on the things that help me to feel good. Here are 10 little things that help me to feel happier and healthier.

1- Sleep
Especially now, with all the boxes to pack before our move in less than one month, I feel the need to try and stretch the hours I have. I find myself getting less and less sleep. This is definitely NOT the answer. Your body heals and recovers during sleep, and that rest time is very important to staying healthy. After all, if I don’t sleep enough and wear myself down, I sure won’t be packing a lot of boxes!

2- Drink Water
I know, it’s not always my favorite either. It is so healthy and good for your body, though! When I was pregnant, I drank at least 5 bottles a day. Unfortunately, I let myself slip away from that once I gave birth. Whenever I am drinking lots of water daily, though, I always feel so good!

3- Get Outside Every Day
Even when it’s hot, have you ever noticed how rejuvenating it is just to get some fresh air? Every day, I try and get Raileigh and I outside, even if it’s just for a little while. It’s just such a mood lifter! Our new house has a spectacular fenced in backyard, so I see lot’s of fresh air in our future!

4- Read to Raileigh Daily
I love to read and I always have. I want to share this love with my daughter. So, every day we curl up in her rocking chair and read. My daughter has an unsightly amount of books, some we’ve bought for her and many passed on that used to be mine or my husband’s. This is such a special and relaxing time for me. I have my happy little girl, cuddled up beside me, hanging on to every word I read. She loves to be read to. Not only is this beneficial to me, it is also great for her. She learns so much from being read to and it will hopefully instill a lifelong love in her as well.

5- Paint my Toenails
Maybe this is silly. But, looking down at my toes and seeing some bright color looking back at me always seems to make me smile. It’s not much, but it brings that small bit of happiness to my day!

6- Eat ALL 3 Meals Daily
I am SO guilty about not always doing this. I get caught up in making sure Raileigh is fed and meeting her needs, that I don’t always make time for this. It is SO important, though. Sometimes, it will be 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I will start feeling awful. Then, it will hit me that I have not eaten that day. If I don’t eat, that’s obviously not healthy. Plus, if I don’t feel well, I can’t take as good of care of Raileigh as I need to. So, it’s important to make sure that those meals are being eaten!

7- Turn off the Computer
This one can be really hard. With email, my blog, Facebook, and twitter, I want to check in often just to see what’s going on. Some days, though, it’s good just to let it all go. It will still be there tomorrow! And, it feels so good to walk past our office and not hear the computer running. Then, there is not as much temptation to stop and just check-in!

8- Eat Chocolate… sparingly
I KNOW chocolate isn’t healthy, but it sure does make me happy! I like to incorporate it into my diet, but sparingly. It’s okay to have sweets every once in a while. I just save those moments until I need them. I eat chocolate when the day is going really badly and I need a pick-me-up. I have also started trying to eat more natural chocolate and do away with ones that have lots of artificial ingredients.

9- Hug My Family
Hugs feel so good and they sure do make things feel better. I remember just a few days ago, I tripped in our house and fell. I was sitting in the floor, crying a little (it hurt A LOT!). Raileigh came over and just started hugging me. Let me tell you- I felt better pretty much instantly! Hugs just have that magical power.

10- Pray
I saved this one for last, but I really think it’s the most important. I am such a worrywart by nature. I always find comfort when I pray about something and hand it off to the Lord. I know he is always there for me and I can go to him with anything. That will always make me happy!

Now that you have read 10 things that make me happier and healthier, please share with me what makes YOU happy and healthy. You never know- we might share something with each other that could make a huge difference in each other’s lives! Also, be sure to check out the widget on the top left-hand side of my blog. Here, you can see things that other moms do to stay happy and healthy.

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