We LOVE the Snow!

The snow has now started to melt, but it is so beautiful outside. Darren had to be at work at 8am this morning, so Raileigh and I went outside with him while he scraped ice off of the windshield and got ready to go. It was such an amazing morning. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue and the sun was shining down on the white blanket of snow.

Darren only had about 6 miles to go, but it took him a bit longer than normal. The roads were icy, but he took it very slow, and made it there without incident. He did, however, see 4 cars in the ditch on his way in. I can actually see one of them from my house, and I think it’s going to take quite a bit to get it out. Anyhow, here are some more pictures of our lovely snow.


  1. Umma crafty squirrel says:

    I haven’t seen snow for about 3 yrs now. I love the snow and miss it so much (it’s beauty and it’s chill). However, I do not miss the part where it gets stuck in your shoes and turns to ice then, you have to pick it off your socks! you all can keep that, lol. Your daughters scoodie is adorable.

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Desi, I love the pictures! I can see why you love the snow, living that far south you’re just not used to it. Up here in Ohio we’ve got LOTS! 🙂 I love it when it’s so pretty! What great pics of the fam! I really like the pics of Raileigh outside when it was dark. So cute and the snow looks neat in those! Take care!

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