My New Camera!

I have been wanting a new camera for as long as I can remember. We bought the point and shoot camera I have been using over 4 years ago. I learned how to manipulate it to do almost anything. However, I wanted something that created more high quality photographs. Plus, there was a delay after pushing the button to take a photo before it actually took. With an active toddler who always moves, that meant I missed a lot of cute faces.

Thursday evening, after a wonderful family dinner, we were headed to Target to pick up a few things. Except Darren kept driving right past Target. The next thing I knew we were in the Best Buy parking lot. I had been lusting after a camera and lens package they have for some time now and it suddenly hit me that the camera was about to be mine!

The camera I got is a Nikon D3000. It is absolutely amazing! The camera itself zooms to 55mm and with the extended lens, I can zoom all the way to 200mm! Best Buy was offering an amazing package in which the camera was on sale and the lens was as well. So, I was able to get both for the regular price of the camera. The only downside is that the lens was out of stock, so I will be waiting until February 28 to pick that up.

The battery does not come charged, so I had to wait a full 24 hours to play with my new camera. It kind of felt like torture! However, now that I have had a few days to test it out, I can say it was well worth the wait. There are a few things I am still trying to figure out, such as how to make the pictures not be so dark (I just adjusted the white balance on my old camera) and how to take pictures in black and white. I am also in search of a cute camera bag. I want something that is not black.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day- in the 70’s! So, I took Raileigh outside and she played while I tested out my new camera. I can tell such a huge difference as compared to my old point and shoot. Now, I have about 873 places I want to go take pictures at! I just want to publicly thank my amazing husband for giving me something I have wanted for so long. He could never possibly know just how much it means to me. Oh– and before I go, I do want to share some of our fun from playing in the yard yesterday. Enjoy!


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