It’s Snowing!

So, many of you north of me may not find this spectacular. In fact, I am sure that some of you wish the snow would go away. However, I live just outside Atlanta, and we are experiencing snow for the second time this year. That really is something to people who aren’t accustomed to getting any snow accumulation.

This is a good snow, too. It’s sticking really well. It’s really the perfect snowman building snow. When Raileigh and I went out a little over an hour ago, my yard had between 3 and 5 inches, depending on where you stood. It’s only been snowing since around 2pm, so it’s accumulating pretty quickly. It’s still coming down really good, too.

Earlier, the UPS man dropped off a package. He got stuck in our driveway in the snow. It took a good 10 minutes for him to get out. When he did, he sort of slid out of the driveway. I felt bad, but Raileigh and I were the only ones here, and there wasn’t much I could do.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of us out in the snow. It’s supposed to freeze overnight, so I wanted to take her outside while the snow was still soft.


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