Our First Taste of the 2010 Snow!

It was sunny and 50 degrees this morning. Snow was predicted for tonight, but this is Georgia, so I took that prediction with a grain of salt. Georgians tend to over react at the mention of winter weather, so I figured it was just another case of too many people running to the store to stock up on essentials.

I started seeing flurries out the window around 3pm. They weren’t sticking at all then. When I looked out the window around 6pm, a few flurries were on the steps, but nothing significant. Darren went outside around 10p and saw that the snow was indeed sticking! Raileigh was still up because she wouldn’t go to bed, so we went outside for some family fun in the snow.

We had just gotten outside and she didn’t know what to think

Checking out the white stuff on the ground

Catching snowflakes on her tongue!

She liked the snow that Darren fed her…

And the snow that she fed herself!

Now she’s trying to catch the flurries with her hand

She really loved carrying around a hand full of snow

Our wonderful, beautiful snowflakes!

My two favorite people in our wonderful snowy yard!

Raileigh wanted to eat the snow as opposed to smiling

Darren was trying to get her to throw a snowball

It was time to go in, but Raileigh didn’t want to go… That’s okay– more fun to come tomorrow!


  1. Thena says:

    Awesome pictures. I can remember when I was young and didn’t have gloves, my Mom put socks on my hands to keep them warm. I was hoping the snow would reach south Georgia, but the rain moved out before the temps started dropping. My youngest daughter is nine and has never seen snow, and was so disappointed.

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