Cupcake Craze: Review & Giveaway: Polka Dotz by Jax- CLOSED

Recently, I decided it was time to do some redecorating. I want to turn Raileigh’s nursery into her big girl room. I also want to redo her bathroom. I have decided that the theme for her new bathroom is going to be cupcakes. While browsing around for ideas for her new bathroom, I found a great shop called Polka Dotz by Jax.

Jacquie is the wonderful lady behind the Polka Dotz. She has been a pleasure to talk with as we prepared to feature her shop during Cupcake Craze. Before I tell you about all the wonderful things in her shop, I’d like for you to get to know this talented mom a bit better. Without further ado, here is Jacquie of Polka Dotz by Jax!

Name and Location: Jacquie Evans Columbia, TN

Where did you get your etsy shop name, Polka Dotz by Jax, from? I really REALLY love Polka dots and ladybugs! I put them on everything! I tried to find a name that would fit both of those things together. So I figured, ladybugs have polka dots! Then I decided to call my shop Polka Dotz and have my logo be Dottie the Ladybug! Jax is my nickname and decided to add it in case there was another wonderful shop out there named Polka Dotz!

What inspired you to open your etsy shop? Having my first daughter really inspired me. I could not wait to get started decorating her room! Once I started I just couldn’t stop! (Still cant 🙂 As I started showing her room to people, friends wanted to order her letters, lampshades…everything I had decorated. Then my brilliant husband gave me the idea to start my business! Through friends, I then found Etsy and have LOVED it!

Apart from creating things, what do you like to do? I have been a singer my whole life and LOVE doing musical theatre! I also love being with my 2 little girls and hubby!

Is there any craft you don’t know how to do but wish you did? I would really like to sew and will be taking lessons soon!

What is your favorite cupcake flavor? Strawberry and cream cheese icing

When you eat a cupcake, do you eat the frosting first, the cupcake first, or bite into everything at once? Everything at once!

What is your greatest accomplishment is life this far? My beautiful girls!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Continuing in expanding my little business and my husband and I want to open our own preschool!

Anyone or anything else you’d like to tell us about? I am excited about expanding my shop this year to include pillowcase dresses!

I was very excited when Jacquie let me know that she was interested in participating in Cupcake Craze. The item that I was drawn to in Jacquie’s shop is the Cupcake Cutie handpainted letters. I knew that this letter would be a perfect start to my redecorating and a great item to feature during Cupcake Craze.

I chose for Jacquie to decorate an “R” for us, since that’s the letter that Raileigh’s name starts with. Jacquie was more than willing to create Raileigh’s entire name. However, Raileigh’s bathroom is pretty small, so I decided to go with only the “R” for now.

Even though I knew what Jacquie would be sending us, I was still very excited to receive her package. The letter arrived at our house in record time. It took less than a week for Jacquie to hand paint our letter, get it all packaged up, and ship it to our house. I was quite impressed. To ensure that the “R” made it safely to use, Jacquie wrapped it several times in bubble wrap and secured all the packaging very well.

Once I pulled the letter from the plastic wrap, I was able to see Jacquie’s work first hand. I was very pleased with the quality of the letter. Jacquie had put a white primer over the letter, including the back. The paints she uses are fun, bold, and colorful. It may be hard to see in the picture, but there are hints of sparkles and glitter on the letter. What a wonderful extra touch! Each of Jacquie’s letters in finished in a clear acrylic to prevent fading and chipping.

I knew exactly where I intended on hanging our letter. When we moved into our house, Raileigh’s bathroom was painted pink. I never bothered to repaint it. I am glad now, because the pink fits well with a cupcake theme. Just above her toilet, right beside the shower, is a large spot of bare wall. The “R” hangs perfectly right there. I was really amazed at how much this one single letter added to the room. It catches your attention as soon as you enter. It also adds a lot of color and fun.

The letter was very easy to hang on the wall. The “R” hangs with a bright pink ribbon that Jacquie has attached very securely to the back. The ends of the ribbon are attached to the letter. By pulling on the loops of the bow, I could very easily adjust the ribbon hanger to make it longer or shorter. I really liked this feature. I just pulled my ribbon to the desired length, put a small nail in the wall, and hung our new letter. It was that easy.

Another wonderful aspect of the cupcake cutie letter and every letter in Jacquie’s shop, is that the colors can be customized to match your needs. For no extra charge you can change the colors on any of her hand painted letters. Currently, Jacquie has 12 different styles of letters listed. So, I think everyone should be able to find a style that fits their needs. However, if you have an idea that is not listed, Jacquie will happily work with you to create exactly what you have in mind.

I am very pleased to announce that Jacquie is hosting not one, but TWO giveaways here at Wee Share! The first winner will receive their choice of any hand painted letter on Jacquie’s site! They will also receive free shipping on anything else they purchase from Polka Dotz by Jax at the time of winning. The second winner will receive 50% off the purchase of a bow holder OR 50% off the purchase of three or more bows. They will also receive free shipping on anything else purchased from the shop at time of winning. Thank you, Jacquie, for two great giveaways!

NOTE: When entering this or any giveaway, please leave your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you are the winner.

Mandatory Entry (MUST be done before any extra entries will qualify)- Go to the Polka Dotz by Jax Etsy Shop. Tell me which letter style you would choose if you are chosen as the first winner.

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Giveaway will end at 11:59 EST on February 4, 2010. Open to US residents only. Winners will be chosen using a random number generator. Winners will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond before I choose a new winner.

Good luck!


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