Cupcake Craze: Cupcake Applique Ideas

I love making applique shirts for Raileigh. It is a great way to way cute and unique clothing. Just for Cupcake Craze, I have searched high and low for cupcake applique patterns online. I have found quite a few free ones for you to use! If you have never done applique, don’t worry. It’s really easy and many of the sites have a tutorial on how to applique. Have fun!

Cupcake Scraps Applique from Scrap Scene

Cupcake Applique from Small Fry and Co.

Cupcake Applique First Birthday outfit from lil blue boo

Cupcake Applique and Matching Skirt from lil blue boo

Simple Cupcake Applique from Bored and Crafty

Ruffle Icing Cupcake Applique from Grace Violet

Kawaii Cupcake Applique from Petit Debutant

Cupcake Block Applique from Wee Folk Art