Waving Goodbye to My Baby Girl

I have been absent for a few days and I apologize. Part of the reason was Christmas. The other part was that I was dreading this morning.

A few days before Christmas, my mother-in-law asked if she could take my daughter to Florida with her for a few nights. She and Darren’s step-father, Tony, were going to see Tony’s mother, whom everyone calls Mama Jane. She lives on a ranch near Ocala. There are horses and a variety of other animals.

I cried just thinking about it, but eventually said yes. I felt it was unfair to keep Raileigh from such a wonderful experience. She’ll get to play with and pet all of the animals. She’ll ride all around on the tractor and the golf cart. She will be spoiled rotten and love every second of it.

I know she will be fine and have an amazing time. I know she will be well taken care of it. It’s me who is not okay. I have not been away from my daughter overnight ever. I have hardly been away from her at all. Aside from the few dates I have been on with my husband, almost every second of my life is spent with my daughter.

Everyone keeps telling me it’s a good thing and that I should enjoy my alone time. It’s pretty hard, though, because I just keep thinking about Raileigh and wishing she would walk over and hug me. She’s coming back on Tuesday evening. Until then, I will try to occupy myself and not miss her too much.


  1. The Redhead Riter says:

    I totally understand how you feel. The first time my daughter spent the night with my mother (who lived ten minutes down the street) I cried because I missed her happy little self running around. I didn’t become a mother to enjoy “alone” time like everyone tells you to do…I became a mother because I wanted to have children running around making my home happy! She will be back and you will enjoy every minute with her even more, if you can imagine that, because of the brief separation.

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