Christmas 2009: Grayson City Park

One night earlier this week, we were driving home from somewhere (I cannot remember where). We drove past our favorite little park, Grayson City Park. It was completely decorated for Christmas! We drove through and saw the two Christmas trees and beautiful lights. Raileigh had fallen asleep in her car seat, so we didn’t get out.

Wednesday night after eating dinner, we took Raileigh back to the park. It was a bit soggy and cold, so we bundled up. The first place we headed was the gazebo. The city had put an artificial tree inside the middle of the gazebo. Raileigh touched it and walked all around it. She enjoyed walking up and down the one step that led from the gazebo to the sidewalk.

After a little while, we headed for the large Christmas tree near the playground. The city had used an existing tree in the park to serve as the Christmas tree. It was beautiful! Multicolor lights decorated the tree, along with large ornaments, including snowflakes and balls. Raileigh looked so tiny standing next to the tree. She could see her reflection in the balls and she thought that was pretty neat.

It was getting really chilly, so we started heading back towards the car. To get there, we went down candy cane lane- a little walkway lined with white lights and plastic candy canes. Raileigh really liked touching these lights. She didn’t pull or yank on them, just gently touched them.

After leaving the park, we drove past the elementary school. Ever since I went to school there (and probably before), they have decorated the huge tree out front. This year was no exception. They had put on strands of green, blue, and red lights. It was both unusual and beautiful. Of course, Christmas trees are next to impossible to photograph and I have no nice pictures of it to share.

We had such a fun evening celebrating Christmas and enjoying the lights close to home. Best of all, we were together, and that is one of my favorite things any time of year.

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  1. Bloggie McBlogger says:

    I love looking at Christmas lights!! We have a store here that sells live and faux trees. Come Christmastime, they take one of their wings, and they turn it into a Winter Wonderland. There are trees and lights and trains (okay, just one train) every where! I took the kids there about 2 weeks ago, and we had such a blast! (I’m sure I was the only dork who was taking pictures inside the store too…)
    Soooo much fun!!
    Glad you had a good time, and that Raileigh enjoyed herself as well! (Love the comment about her seeing her reflection in the ball!)

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