Christmas 2009: Atlantic Station

Last Sunday, we took Raileigh and went with some friends to Atlantic Station in Downtown Atlanta. Atlantic Station is one of those developments where you can live, work, and play all in the same place. Basically, it’s a lot of neat shops and some very nice, very expensive townhomes and apartments.

Atlantic Station is beautiful at Christmas. They hang lights everywhere and put up a huge tree. All of the store front windows are also dressed up for the holidays. It’s just a fun, festive atmosphere.

We left somewhat late because Darren had to work that day. By the time we arrived at Atlantic Station, most of the stores had already closed for the evening. I was pretty surprised, seeing how close it was to Christmas. That was okay because there was still plenty for us to enjoy. We bundled up in our coats and hats and set out for the park at the center of Atlantic Station.

In the center of this park, is a ginormous Christmas tree. The tree is very tall and very beautiful. Multicolor lights are strung all over the tree. It is decorated with giant ornaments. I was wondering what Raileigh would think of such a huge, lit-up tree. She had never been near a Christmas tree of that size before. She walked right up and started waving at it. Then she tried to climb the fence that surrounded the tree. I’d say she liked it!

There were also reindeer made of white lights in the park. I tried to get Raileigh to touch one, but she wasn’t as interested in that. So, she ran all around the park, making new friends with everyone else that was there. She had on dress shoes and the grass was wet. Her little shoe kept slipping off and her stockings would get wet. Whenever this would happen, she would just stand there with a disgusted look on her face. It was kind of funny.

At certain times during the week, the actually make fake snow fall all around the Christmas tree. I imagine that it is quite beautiful. Unfortunately, Sunday is the one day they don’t make the snow fall. It makes me really want to venture back down there before Christmas!

After enjoying our time in the park, we headed around the corner to a fudge shop. It smelled heavenly! Even though it was freezing and even though I have a thing for fudge, we settled on ice cream. Darren and I shared a waffle bowl on Station Mud. It was vanilla ice cream and I think all that was in it were tiny chocolate chip pieces and a delicious caramel swirl. It was wonderful- Raileigh thought so, too. I was still pretty full from dinner, so she and Darren pretty much ate the whole thing.

It was getting late by the time we all finished our ice cream, so we headed for our cars. It was a wonderful evening spent with friends, enjoying some of the wonderfulness that the holidays bring.

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