Christmas 2009: Ally’s Holiday Party

On Sunday, we spent a bulk of the day at our friends, Ally and Bryan’s, house. They were having a Christmas party and invited us to come. We don’t get to see them very often, so I quickly accepted the invitation.

Ally was the maid of honor in our wedding. We met her when we worked at the now non-existent Galyan’s. We also all went to college at Georgia State. Bryan also worked at Galyan’s and that is how he and Ally met. They started dating about 6 months before Darren and I were married. They just got married this past June in a private ceremony in Fiji!

Anyhow, Ally has seen Raileigh several times. Bryan is a teacher and since we always meet for lunch, he’d never gotten to meet Raileigh before. Bryan is very tall and I don’t think Raileigh really knew what to think of him. I’m sure he looked like a giant to her.

Ally and Bryan have 4 dogs, 2 of which were in attendance at the party. Now, Raileigh says doggie ALL the time. It is by far her most frequent word. She calls pretty much every animal a doggie. It’s kind of funny because we don’t even have a dog. Plus, anytime she has been around animals, she hasn’t liked it too much. So, naturally, I was wondering how Raileigh would do around their dogs. She surprised me. Raileigh petted the dogs, hugged and kissed them, and didn’t act scared at all! One of the dogs was really little and one was medium sized. She liked the little one the best.

Soon after we got there and had loved on the dogs for a bit, it was time to eat! There were all sorts of holiday goodies, thanks to Bryan’s students. There were also some delicious treats that had Reese’s cups and some sort of cookie on the outside of them. Delicious! Ally had also made some wonderful spinach dip. All Raileigh really wanted was the crackers and chips.

Next, it was time to decorate cookies. There were sugar cookies in a variety of holiday shapes- candy canes, stockings, Christmas trees, gingerbread men and women, and several others I can’t remember. I pretty much did all the decorating on our cookies, but Raileigh and Darren enjoyed eating them with me. We chose candy canes for both of our cookies. There was a zillion colors of gel icing, white and green frosting, tons of different sprinkles, colored sugar, and candy pieces to decorate the cookies with.

Soon after this, Raileigh and another little girl there, Casey, started dancing and playing with the balloons. It didn’t take long for the older kids to join in. It wasn’t long before an all out balloon war started. It didn’t end until all the balloons had popped or flew over the fence out back. I think this was the kid’s favorite activity.

After this, Ally shared a present she had for everyone. She had wrapped up a huge box and filled it with Styrofoam peanuts. Everyone could dig around and find a gift inside. She filled it several times to make sure everyone got an age appropriate gift. The young girls, young boys, older girls, older boys, and adults all got a turn. Raileigh’s bag had a cute little dog in a purse and two cars that looked like butterflies. Darren got 5 lottery tickets and I got 3 lottery tickets and a $10 Kroger card. None of our tickets were winners, though.

You can’t have a great big box and a bunch of kids around without them finding a way to play with the box. Ally started it all, actually. She put Raileigh in the box and pulled her all around the house. Raileigh loved it! Then, they made it snow on her by dropping the Styrofoam peanuts over her head. Raileigh loved this as well. Soon, it was “snowing” all over the living room!

After getting everything cleaned back up, it was game time. We started out with Catch Phrase, and played girls versus boys. Of course, the girls won- twice! We followed this with Cranium, this time playing on mixed teams. This game took forever! It was fun, though. Darren and I were on the same team and our team lost.

It was getting late by now and we needed to get Raileigh ready for bed. So, we said our good-byes and thanked Ally and Bryan for having us over. Ally did a wonderful job of planning the entire party. Life is busy for everyone, but we need to make time to see people we care about more often. I am glad we had the opportunity to see these wonderful friends.

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