ANNOUNCING: My First Blog Event: Cupcake Craze

Cupcakes are wonderful and I love everything about them. I enjoy cupcakes so much that I have decided to devote an entire week on my blog to them.

Mark your calendars for January 10- 16. That’s when we’ll be having Cupcake Craze at Wee Share! During that week, I’ll be doing reviews and giveaways for all sorts of cupcake related items. We’ll have cupcake clothing, cupcake accessories, cupcake decorations, and of course, actual yummy cupcakes!

I want to encourage all of you to participate in Cupcake Craze! If you have a great cupcake recipe you’d like to be featured that week, send it right over ( Additionally, if you would be interested in hosting any sort of crafty tutorial with a cupcake theme, let me know.

I have a special button just for this event. Make sure to add it to your site so we can spread the word about Cupcake Craze. My mouth is already watering at that the thought of all this yummy cupcake goodness!

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