Sewing Tutorial Round Up

Long before I became interested in writing product reviews, I had another passion. That passion is sewing. I haven’t shared a lot about that with you all, but it is something I really enjoy doing. I’ve posted several of my sewing projects at my other blog- Mostly what I sew is clothing for my daughter. I find a lot of joy and gratification in creating something that is usable. I especially enjoy turning old clothing into clothing for my daughter.

Anyhow, I have a huge folder of bookmarked tutorials on my computer. This folder contains links to sewing projects all over the web. Some of these projects I have done, most of them I have not. I have a habit of finding a pattern I love and making a million different versions of it.

I thought I’d share some of these great free tutorials with you all. Most are girl patterns because I have a girl. Some are unisex, though.

Smocked Sundress– tutorial includes directions for size 12 months- size 4, but I think you could really adapt this to any size

Bloomers from a t-shirt– pattern is for size 3T

Toddler Lounge Pants from T-Shirt– I have made about 7 pair of these… very easy and very cute

Toddler dress made from a men’s button down shirt– I’ve also made several of these and the tutorial is very easy to follow and can be adjusted to any size

Reversible Toddler Dress– shows you how to make any toddler jumper pattern reversible

Pettiskirt– can be adapted to any size

Habitual Kimono– patterns for 0-6 months up to size 8; I made on of these and I really loved the pattern and design

Toddler Halter Top– pattern is for size 2T; I made a few of these and they are cute and easy

Twirly Skirt– gives options for 5 different toddler sizes

The Charming Little Skirt– a patchwork skirt that fits size 4-6; haven’t made this one, but I think it could easily be adjusted to fit the size you need

Shirred Mod Top– can be adjusted to any size; just found this one and can’t wait to try it!

Double Ruffle Twirl Skirt– gives exact measurements for size 2T and directions on how to measure for any other size

Bandanna Dress– gives directions for size 12 months- 5T

Wrap Dress– pattern given fits size 2T- 3T

Peasant Blouse– gives directions for any size

Tiered Skirt– can be made in any size

Vintage Smock Pattern– fits size 2T

2 Layer Twirly Skirt– directions given to make it in any size

Bubble Dress– can be made in any size

Beach Party Dress– fits size 24 months

Of course, there are many, many more tutorials than this out there. This is just a sampling of one’s on my list to make. I’d love to know of your favorite tutorials and if you give any of these a try!

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  1. Umma crafty squirrel says:

    Thanks for all the patterns. I haven’t seen a few of these and am adding them to my favorites list. Grover family, no need to worry about not having a girl – I don’t either. But, I love sewing girly stuff so, I make it and give them to charity.

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