REVIEW: Paper Doll Dress Pattern

Yesterday for Creative Mamas Monday, I made Raileigh a Thanksgiving Dress from the Paper Doll Dress Pattern. Today, I’m going to tell you all about this wonderful pattern, created by lil blue boo.

I actually got this pattern because I won a giveaway at the lil blue boo blog. Ashley, the mommy behind lil blue boo, often gives out a pattern or two when she releases a new one. I was one of the lucky recipients of the Paper Doll Dress pattern.

The Paper Doll Dress pattern is adapted to fit sizes 6 months- 6 years. This is a pattern that will last you a LONG time! I made Raileigh’s dresses in size 2T, so I have 4 more sizes I can use when she outgrows this one, which is very exciting! When you order this pattern, you will receive a 23 page pdf pattern, plus 5 pages of pattern pieces. The pattern is designed to print out on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, so you can print it right from your home computer. Within that 23 pages, you will see 68 color images to help guide you visually and very well written instructions that tell you exactly how to create the dress.

The Paper Doll Dress is very customizable to fit any style taste! There are 2 pocket options- a flat pocket and a gathering pocket, perfect for wee ones to put treasures in! You can also choose to leave the pocket off all together, as I did with Raileigh’s dress yesterday. Ashley also provides a paper doll template you can use to make an applique for the pocket.

My favorite part of this pattern has to be a mini tutorial that is included within it. You will learn how to create button holes without using a button hole foot on your sewing machine! Wa-hoo! I have a button hole foot for my machine, but I have no idea how to use it. I have tried several times, and I just botch things up. I was a little nervous to try Ashley’s way of making a button hole. However, it was very easy and turned out fabulous on my first try!

I have created 2 dresses from this pattern- the one you saw yesterday and the dress I used for Raileigh’s Halloween costume. I decided several months ago I wanted her to be Little Red Riding Hood. I wanted a dress she could continue to wear after Halloween, though. That’s when I decided to make it from the Paper Doll Dress pattern. I am very pleased with the results and Raileigh got many compliments on her dress.

This pattern really is amazing. Ashley has done a wonderful job of including every little step you will take when creating the Paper Doll Dress. Additionally, each time you create a dress with different fabrics, you are getting a great, unique look. This is the perfect dress for layering- just put a long or shirt sleeve shirt under it, according to the seasons.

I have not seen a much more versatile pattern than this. Any young girl would look absolutely adorable in a Paper Doll Dress. You can pick up the pattern from the lil blue boo etsy shop today for only $6! So, go get your pattern and get started on a beautiful dress for your little girl!