REVIEW: Imagine It!, The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

I love when Darren has the day off of work. We always do something as a family, whether it is go to the park, stay home and watch a movie, or anything else you can imagine. Yesterday was one of those wonderful days where he didn’t have to work. So, we headed downtown to Imagine It!, The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

Imagine It! Features 5 permanent exhibits and 1 rotating exhibit. The exhibits are as follows:

The Rotating Exhibit- Curious George: Let’s Get Curious
Fundamentally Food
Crawl Space
Leaping Into Learning
Let Your Creativity Flow
Tools for Solutions

I’m going to walk through each of the exhibits in the museum, starting with Curious George: Let’s Get Curious. I was so excited when I learned that this was the rotating exhibit. We were in Chattanooga, TN early in October and took Raileigh to the Children’s Museum there. The day we chose to go was the day they were taking the Curious George exhibit down. I was a little disappointed. Little did I know that it was coming to Atlanta! Anyhow, the exhibit definitely stuck to its’ name. There were so many things for curious little ones to explore! Some of the things were too big for Raileigh to completely understand- making tanagrams on an overhead, playing putt-putt, and making shadow puppets with your hands. However, there were several things that she really enjoyed- opening little doors to see what was inside (she liked the mirror behind one), opening all the drawers on the desk, and of course, visiting with our special monkey friend (in statue form).

Fundamentally Food is located towards the front of the museum and showcases food from the field to the table. We stayed in this section for quite a long time. Inside, there was a big John Deere tractor that had steps up to the seat so that little ones could crawl up there and sit. There were shelves and produce bins like in a grocery store. Mini size carts and hand baskets were available for the children’s shopping convenience. Once they completed their shopping trip, the items could be checked out at a rolling conveyer belt and paid for at the cash register. Next door, there was a house, complete with kitchen, so that the groceries could be put away. Raileigh really enjoyed pushing the cart around and loading it up. She didn’t like sitting on the tractor- I think the size was just a bit too big for her. She also liked going down the slide that looked like a giant banana (my favorite part). She did try to eat the broccoli when we were putting our groceries away- I think it just looked too similar to the real thing!

Crawl Space was probably Raileigh’s favorite part of the museum. It is a specially designed exhibit for children age 2 and under. Raileigh’s most favorite toy is a ball. Ball was her first word, and is now what I believe to be her most frequent word. Pretty quickly, she found two balls in Crawl Space- a purple one and a green one. I don’t think she let them out of her sight the entire time we were in this exhibit. Other than balls, the exhibit had tunnels to crawl in, slides, giant soft blocks, mirrors, books, puppets, a really neat infant sized water bed, and soft, padded mats that would make a fall not feel so hard. It was a really great toddler area. There were quite a few older children at the museum, and it was nice to be able to take Raileigh to an area that just had other kids her age.

Leaping Into Learning was right beside the Crawl Space. At Leaping Into Learning, wee ones could grab a raincoat and explore in the water. There were rods and reels so the children could go “fishing” for magnetic fish. There were also lots of rubber ducks, frogs, and other sea life for younger kids to play with. Raileigh tried to go fishing, but it was a little difficult for her to catch the fish. She still enjoyed playing in the water, though. Leaping Into Learning also had a giant tree house you could climb into. It had tunnels, a slide, a swinging bridge, and a rope net to climb on. We had to help Raileigh get into the tree house, but she enjoyed walking across the bridge and going down the slide. This exhibit also housed the Parent Resource Room. This room was filled with children’s books if you wanted to take a quiet moment to rest with your child. There was also a nursing area in this room.

The next area of the museum is Let Your Creativity Flow. This area was all about creating art and music. There are 2 large sand tables, a painting area where you can paint right on the wall, a building area that looks like giant tinker toys, a giant mirror to tap dance in front of, and a stage where you can put on a show. Raileigh didn’t love the sand area because she doesn’t like for things to stick to her hands. We took her to the painting area and it was her first time painting. She really enjoyed it. At one point, she started flinging the paint brush a little and got it on her lip. She really enjoyed the painting area, though. Darren (my husband) really liked the giant tinker toys. I think it was a bit too big for Raileigh- the pipes were taller than she was!

The last area of the museum is Tools for Solutions. This area had a HUGE ball machine. You could use each of the different simple machines to move balls around. Raileigh didn’t understand this at all, but she sure did enjoy playing with all those balls! At one point, an older child was using the ball machine to dump balls from up high on to the floor. They were falling all around Raileigh. She had the biggest grin on her face, like she was in ball heaven! There were also several large train tables and an underground area where wee ones could crawl through tunnels and go down slides. Of course, Raileigh enjoyed the tunnels and slide.

Not only were the exhibits great, but so was the staff. There were several staff memebers wandering the floor and interacting with all of the children. Raileigh really enjoyed going down the slide with one particular staff member in the Fundamentally Food Area. Tickets cost $12.50 for everyone age 2 and up. So, if you have multiple children and think you might go more than once, I suggest the Family Membership. This allows unlimited visits for 2 adults and all household children for an entire year.

We had an absolutely wonderful visit to Imagine It!, the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Raileigh may be on the younger side, but there was still a lot she could enjoy there. I’m looking forward to many future visits and watching as Raileigh grows to understand even more of the activities they have to offer.