REVIEW: Angelbabes No-Sew Tutu Pattern

Sometime in June, I decided that Raileigh HAD to have a tutu. I searched the web for a good free tutorial, but I wasn’t satisfied with any that I found. So, I headed over to etsy. Now, I love to sew and do so frequently. However, the idea of sewing yards and yard of tulle does not appeal to me. So, I was very excited when I found the AngelBabes No-Sew Tutu Instructions.

There are many great things about this tutorial. First off- the price! The entire 28 page pdf file costs only $4.99. It tells you how to make a tutu in any size, from newborn to adult, so you’ll never need to buy another tutu pattern again. Plus, this tutorial comes with instructions on how to make 10 different styles of tutus!

I have made 4 tutus from this pattern. Three were for Raileigh and one was for a friend’s daughter. I made two tutus in one style and two tutus in another style. The instructions for the tutu are very clear and easy to understand. Angelbabes walks you through how to figure out how much tulle you will need. The formula will work for absolutely any size tutu you want to make. She also shares the cheapest places to purchase tulle. Once you start constructing your tutu, there are photos and written instructions to guide you through the entire process.

The possibilities of tutus you can make from this tutorial are endless! Besides instructions for the 10 different tutu styles, angelbabes also gives a great list of popular tulle color combinations, as well as many costume ideas. With your purchase, you gain access to an exclusive Yahoo Group. Here, you can discuss tutus and bounce ideas off angelbabes and other people who have bought the pattern. She will also give you access to videos if you need more visual instructions.

So, as you can see, you will get a lot of bang for your buck. All you have to do is head over to etsy and purchase the wonderful AngelBabes No-Sew Tutu Instructions. The pdf will be emailed to you within hours, along with instructions on how to access the videos and Yahoo Group. You should feel very comfortable buying from angelbabes. Currently, she has received feedback on 795 transactions and has a 100% positive rating! With that kind of approval rating, you can rest assured that you, too, will be happy with your purchase.

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