Creative Mamas Monday- Shirt to Toddler Dress

It’s Creative Mamas Monday, hosted by Lindsey at A Kindred Spirits Thoughts. I really do love this day because it makes me tale a time out to do something I love that often gets neglected.

I started this one a little while back and didn’t get around to finishing. I was super excited to get it all complete today… until I realized I’d lost a strap. I can’t cut another because I used a shirt that was barely big enough for the dress and had no leftovers 🙁 So, I did what I could, but now I have a one strap dress.

I can’t find the strap anywhere and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve never just lost part of a sewing project like this before. I’m going to get my husband to look when he gets home. Maybe fresh eyes will be able to find it. If I find it, I’ll finish it up and show you the finished thing next week.

Have a super week and thanks for stopping by for Creative Mamas Monday!